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(autotranslated) In the academic year 2012-2013 have first master AAD architecture students from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Leuven on campus Sint-Lucas Ghent and Brussels to a naval museum in Ostend * *. A selection of designs from these four workshops is as mental exercise for the site * ‘Station Peninsula – Churchill Kaai’ * presented to the general public.

If we look at the history of the site ‘station peninsula “, we see that in addition to the station function peninsula formerly known as embarkation for passengers, cars and trucks, ferry to Dover served. This feature was dropped after the disappearance of the RMT (Director of Maritime Transport) in 1987. Since then doing it just as a car park and cruise embarkation terminal.

The NMBS plant in conjunction with the Line a large-scale expansion of the railway station with new roofs which also trains alongside trams and buses in one complex on decks. The complex will also include parking and bicycle storage facilities and some office volumes. On the adjacent peninsula was a PPP project planned for residential complexes. This project was however deleted.

The City of Ostend opts now in the new government program for the construction of a maritime museum, a maritime museum and tourist all-weather offerings. Maritime Museums around the world are major crowd pullers that appeal to both adults and children and both of history, art, technology, science and adventure sports have as perspective. The maritime museum can be completed in the Montgomery with moored historic ships to visit. Even Iceland fishing Amandine can be visited nearby.

The students were free to determine the choice of location on the peninsula. As was stated preconditions Station Complex, Amandine (ship) and retain pilotage (at the end).

This exhibition shows the work of 19 student groups that integrate a Maritime Museum in the vicinity of the station through very different perspectives.

Teachers architecture: Dirk Coopman, Filip Buysse, Marc Felix, Marc Macken
Teachers technique: Rudy Debacker, Dirk Jaspaert, Michael Lang Rock, Patrick Lints
Coordinator: Sandy Debruyker


11u00 – 12u00: bezoek van de gouverneur en schepenen aan de tentoonstelling
12u30 – 14u00: Middaggesprek over rol van ontwerpend onderzoek bij stadsvernieuwing a.h.v. studentenprojecten Maritiem Museum
In panelgesprek met Marc Martens (architect stedenbouwkundige, voorzitter van de vzw Oostende Werft), Karel Vanackere (directeur AGSO Oostende), Marc Jacobs (directeur FARO Vlaams Steunpunt voor Cultureel Erfgoed vzw), Eric Van Hooydonck (voorzitter Watererfgoed Vlaanderen)

Reserveren via Oostende Werft email (deelname gratis / drankje wordt aangeboden)

14u00 – 17u00: doorlopende aanwezigheid van studenten die projecten toelichten
16u00 – 17u00: bezoek aan de tentoonstelling met Archipel
17u00 – 18u30: receptie aangeboden door Archipel
21u00 – 22u00: optreden koor ‘Ier en Gunter’ (toegang 5 euro ADD)

Reserveren voor de receptie gewenst via Archipel email

Dit programma kadert in het festival 'Liefde tussen de Lijnen.'

Valentijn is het feest van de liefde, maar in Oostende ook een feest van literatuur en poëzie. Het geschreven woord ontmoet dans, muziek en beeldende kunsten in een programma dat bulkt van de verliefde, speelse, sensuele en pittige woorden, en dat vier weekends lang. De dienst Cultuur, de Oostendse cultuurhuizen en Toerisme Oostende vzw werkten een boeiend literair programma uit dat vanaf 15 december te vinden is op Liefde tussen de lijnen



Sa 15 February 2014 11:00


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