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In the cold winter months, we always organize a cozy movie night to close the year. What we can show both romantic, confrontational, informative, hilarious, visionary, touching and scary films, in which a special role for (the absence of) architecture and / or urbanism!

(autotranslated) Since the early days of the medium ‘film’, the immaterial architecture of the film has played an important role in the way cities are conceived and represented. Despite the almost elemental relationship between the cinematic and urban, there are surprisingly few attempts to bring the relationship between the cinematic representations of the urban space and the social, material and inhabited areas in which they are embedded in the card. Not that we have this ambition as something academic ambition, but we are attracted to set several video clips together to inform planning, architecture, public spaces and collaborative design process and inspiration. It is a mixture of pieces of feature films, documentaries, short films and animations where cities and their design the topic, the background, and the actor could be starring. We go back in time and build a quirky story.

Within the growing trend whereby the majority of the world’s population lives in urban areas, we show fragments of attempts how cities can be made more sustainable and liveable. In short, a variety of many visualizations of architectural and urban spaces provide a relaxed evening with the sea as background.



Fr 19 December 2014 20:00


Kunstencentrum Vrijstaat O.
Zeedijk 10
8400 Oostende

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