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The Milanese condomini of Asnago Vender

Independent research and architecture for the city

In the month of May Archipel travels to northern Italy, particularly Milan and Ticino. In preparation for this journey we invite Dirk De Meyer, professor at the Departement of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Ghent University, who zooms in on the work of the Italian modernists Asnago Vender.

Compared to the strong statements of the European “masters” in the central decades of the 20th century, the Italian, and in particular, the Milanese approach of modern architecture has long been considered ambiguous.

Even within the Milanese culture the work of Asnago Vender stands out. It’s one of those rare moments in which innovative experiments in the field of architectural configurations and facade compositions almost paradoxically coincide with a formal restraint and a meticulous attention for the city and the urban form.

On the basis of some of their Milanese condominiums, from the period 1930-1960, the lecture will address the parallel course of independent research and servability to the city.



Th 28 April 2016 20:00


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