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Studio Basta: Looking for outdoor space

Round trip + lecture

The landscape is constantly being rewritten and erased by humans. Palimpsest stands for the metaphor of long-term accumulation of layers over time with the earth’s surface comparable to a parchment sheet: full of inscriptions and traces, left behind. Some are preserved, others deleted or reconstructed: a dynamic transformation of the landscape subject to time. Studio Basta takes us to experience and appreciate the landscape in West Flanders. Studio Basta stands for viable landscape and garden architecture. In all their projects they try to create a fresh and uninhibited atmosphere, whereby projects of all levels of scale radiate high utility value and ease of use. They work very professionally with lots of enthusiasm, with a good sense for quality, and a great openness to participation of stakeholders and external groups.

The term palimpsest applies much more to landscape than to architecture. Landscape is slow and growing. The landscape is not a blank page. It cannot only be approached rationally. The term palimpsest was introduced in modern discourse of urban design and landscape in 1983 by Swiss historian of art, architecture and urbanism André Corboz in his essay Le territoire comme palimpseste.
He wrote:
“Le territoire, tout surchargé qu’il est de traces et de lectures passées en force, ressemble plutôt à un palimpseste. (…) Mais le territoire n’est pas un emballage perdu ni un produit de consommation qui se remplace. Chacun est unique, d’où la nécessité de ‘recycler’, de gratter une fois encore (mais si possible avec le plus grand soin) le vieux texte que les hommes ont inscrit sur l’irremplaçable matériau des sols, afin d’en déposer un nouveau, qui réponde aux nécessités d’aujourd’hui avant d’être abrogé à son tour.”

Studio Basta, Headquarters | Casalis Carpets

The lecture takes place in the new offices of Studio Basta.

Experiencing the work of Studio Basta

In the afternoon we cycle with Studio Basta to visit four of their projects:
the Warande park, the private garden of Mathieu and Ann, Sint-Amandsplein and the Texture garden.


  • 11 am lecture at the new offices of Studio Basta
  • 12 am lunch at the offices of Studio Basta (please take your own picnic)
  • 1 pm pick up of the rental bikes – 10 €/bike
  • 1:30 pm start of the bicycle road trip to four projects: the Warande park, the private garden of Mathieu and Ann, the Sint-Amandsplein, Texture garden
  • 4 pm end

Free for Archipel members
7 € for non members
5 € for students non members
Bicycle rental: 10 €

Please mention at your reservation your name *+ *‘lecture’ or ‘bicycle road trip’ or ‘lecture + bicycle road trip’.
After your deposit of the participation fee, we will consider you as a participant.
Account: BE50 7380 2952 6418 (BIC: KREDBEBB) of Archipel vzw with mentioning ‘Studio Basta + name of the participants’



Sa 24 August 2019 11:00


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