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Arquitectura Andalusia

Discovery tour in southern Spain


“There is only one correct way to experience architecture and that is through direct observation on site. Important elements such as scale, texture, light and shadow of the building, the interplay with the surroundings can only be fully perceived when one walks through the open and closed space systems of the architectural work. ”

This was the opening line for a number of successful trips from Archipel (2003-2004) to East, North and Central Spain. Southern Spain, Andalusia then fell by the wayside. Time to do something about it!

Breath-taking Andalusia.

With the word Andalusia we might dream away with images of sun and beaches, a plate of Jamon Serrano, Tapas or Patatas Bravas and a glass of Sherry. A touch of Flamenco in the background?
But Andalusia is, in addition, and for us first and foremost, of course, a special gathering place of a breath-taking architectural history.

Arquitectura Andalusia: A rich history.

The Roman period, the Moorish period, the Reconquista or the golden age. The abundant wealth after the discovery of America.
The laborious modernism during the Franco dictatorship, the explosion of “Arquitectura Moderna” after 1980 until today.
We discover the undeniable influence on the architecture of grand masters such as Louis Kahn or Luis Barragan and marvel at the power of colour and proportions in the Mesquita in Cordoba.

Contemporary Architecture in Andalusia: Unspoken.

But we also see how Spanish contemporary architecture deals with that wonderful heritage in a refined way and creatively approaches reconversion and restoration. On this journey we discover the sublime work of internationally recognized people such as Alberto Campo Baeza, Guillermo Vazquez Consuegra, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Nieto Sobejano or Paredes Perdrosa. And we let ourselves be surprised by lesser known names such as Elisa Valero, Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas, Victor Lopez Cotelo, Alejandro Munoz Miranda, AF6 Arquitectura, and so many more.
We would like to build a program around this fascinating array of realizations in which historical and contemporary buildings enter into a dialogue throughout our voyage of discovery. The journey is woven around the three major centres: Cordoba, Seville and Granada.

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