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We start with film! First and foremost, we provide a number of opportunities for films that are temporarily made available due to the corona virus. Do not wait too long to look at it, because the links will expire at the end of May. Furthermore, a link to a site with a whole range of architectural films …


Urbanized (2011) – Gary Hustwit

For a limited time you can watch all Gary Hustwit films exceptionally for free on his website. His latest documentary “Rams” about Dieter Rams was supposed to be screened in BOZAR on March 29, but unfortunately has been postponed. The documentary Urbanized concerns the design of cities, mainly the bottom-up approach is discussed. Some of the cities zoomed in are Stuttgart, Bogota, New York, Cape Town and Brighton.

VRT – temporary and exceptional offer

VRT NU offers an extra range of art and culture programs: a careful choice of art and culture programs, with the range Some classics by Jef Cornelis as a highlight in the range, a collaboration between VRT and ARGOS, center for audiovisual arts in Brussels . Jef Cornelis was active in public broadcasting from 1964 to 1998, and left behind an impressive oeuvre of films and programs on contemporary art. He was a great advocate of contemporary visual art and used the television medium, then the mass medium par excellence, to talk about art.
Jef Cornelis – De straat
Jef Cornelis had a strong interest in spatial planning in Flanders. As can be seen in “De Straat” and “Rijksweg N1”, he reflects on the street as a guiding element in its environment. From, for and by everyone. As an expression and phenomenon of society itself.

Jef Cornelis – OMA: Rem Koolhaas
Jef Cornelis and his team painted a portrait of architect Rem Koolhaas in 1989. The film clearly combines the strengths of the maker and the protagonist. She acts as a guide to Koolhaas’ architecture and illustrates how Cornelis had a finger on the pulse of developments in culture.

All Jef Cornelis films are available until May 31 and can be found via this link

There are also wonderful documentaries about René Heyvaert, Robbrecht & Daem (Goldfish), Bauhaus, …

Het koninkrijk van René Heyvaert
René Heyvaert (1929-1984) is admired by other artists, but is almost unknown to the general public. Following an extensive exhibition in Museum M in Leuven, documentary makers Pieter Verbiest and Bertrand Lafontaine spoke to many people who knew Heyvaert up close or for whom he was an important source of inspiration. It produced a richly varied portrait of one of the most intriguing post-war Belgian artists. A story about uncompromising architecture. About art that cannot be put in boxes. But also about ambition, disappointment and resilience. Share via WhatsApp, Share via Facebook, Share via Twitter, Share via Email, Copy Link

Goudvis – Robbrecht en Daem
Architecture must be of service, according to architects Paul Robbrecht and Hilde Daem. The concert hall in Bruges, for example, is not a spectacle architecture, but a building in which spectacles thrive. This documentary film explores the silent speech art of Robbrecht and Daem’s versatile oeuvre, which is enjoying growing success both at home and abroad. This grammar has a clear pictorial impulse: how does daylight enter a house, what course can you follow in a public space in which art is integrated? While walking through both large and small projects, an arch is made between the forest hut and concert hall, between pavilions and an old dairy.

Bauhaus – Wassily Chair
If you start paying attention, you can still see Marcel Breuer’s Wassily seat everywhere. Gudrun De Geyter looked at him closely. Breuer was one of the most famous furniture designers of Bauhaus and later a successful architect. The seat illustrates what Bauhaus wanted to achieve: pleasant and affordable living thanks to strong designs that could be made industrially.
You can find the complete offer of the VRT here


Bruno Vanbesien, our president, searched the internet and collected no less than 250 architecture documentaries.
More information, trailers and any rental information about these films can be found on our IMDb profile.

On vimeo-on-demand you can also rent or purchase a large number of these films.
Both on youtube as on vimeo there are of course also free documentaries to watch such as:

Kowloon Walled City from 1980 by Christian Cascio and Marc Boulet
This film is about a super dense hidden city in Kowloon. 50,000 people live together on 2 ½ ha of land, i.e. a density of 2 million people per km2! And this without water and electricity!

A Profile about Carlo Scarpa from 1996 by Murray Grigor
An image by Architect Carlo Scarpa – the master of details!

Technology and Nature about Alvar Aalto from 1996 by Ywe Jalander
Filmed in his native Finland, in Italy, Germany and the US, the director looks at the life and work of the architect, Alvar Aalto (1898-1976). Aimed at his gift of harmonizing technology and nature in his designs, he examines all aspects of his work and examines his creative style in the context of his time, the traditions he inherited and the country and climate in which he lived.

My Architect, A Sons Journey over Louis Kahn from 2003 by Nathaniel Kahn
Documentary about the American architect Louis Kahn (1901-1974), by his son Nathaniel Kahn, who describes the extraordinary career of his father the architect and his family history after his death in 1974.

Manufactured Landscapes from 2004 by Ed Burtynsky
Receiving his 2005 TED Prize, photographer Edward Burtynsky makes a wish: That his images – stunning landscapes documenting the impact of humanity on the world – help persuade millions to participate in a global conversation about durability. Burtynsky presents an immersive slideshow of his photos, vividly showing how industrial development changes the natural landscape of the Earth. From mountains of tires to rivers with bright orange nickel mine debris, his images are beautiful and gruesome at the same time.

A vida é um sopro over Oscar Niemeyer from Fabiana Maciel from 2007
Complete documentary “Life is a breath” about the life and work of Oscar Niemeyer, Brazilian architect. The film tells the story of Oscar Niemeyer, one of the most recognized Brazilian architects. In a relaxed way it is about architecture, stories of the architect, political struggles and his passion for women. The documentary shows beautiful images of many of his works, the Casa das Canoas, the Planalto Palace, the headquarters of the French Communist Party, the University of Constantine, the MAC Niterói, among others.

Addicted to Every Possibilty about Maarten Van Severen and his sons from Moon Blaisse 2014
The well-known designer and architect Maarten van Severen passed away in 2005. He left us with one of the most extraordinary furniture collections and some beautiful architectural projects, as well as with 4 young sons who carry some of their father’s talent and personality. As we follow the boys’ steps into a promising future, we reconstruct their father’s tumultuous and tragic lives. When his sons face some of the same challenges and problems as their father, history seems to repeat.

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