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Erik Wieërs

The Art of Meeting

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Met de steun van:

What does Living in times of COVID-19 mean? What does togetherness mean? Vlaams Bouwmeester Erik Wieërs researches the definition of private, collective and public space.

Through the emergence of a virtual world and a global field of communication the spatial experience of what is private, collective and public is fading. We can be connected to the whole world in the privacy of our bedroom. We can have a digital, private conversation in public space.
Architecture plays an important role in restoring the experience of the distinction between what is private, collective and public. That is why architecture has to develop itself into the Art of Building Spatial Convergience.
Vlaams Bouwmeester Erik Wieërs, Collectief Noord is at the start of four years of bouwmeesterschapand is preparing to leave his mark on the coming housing policy and quality of life.