Experience architecture!

Architects and studios: noAarchitecten 1-10 / 11

Lecture Own work by Philippe Viérin (noA architects)

KANAL – Centre Pompidou, Brussel

The internationally competition KANAL-Center Pompidou Brut in Brussels is the occasion to organize a lecture about the recent work of noA architects. A lecture on location!

Trip Along Flemish roads #02 /10/2017

In real pioneer style, we draw with camera, sketchbook and valies in the hand of Leuven, Flemish Brabant, Hageland, Haspengouw, Hasselt, Limburg and Antwerp Kempen to Antwerp or vice versa.

Lecture Metamorphosis: transformations / adjustments in Bruges

Concertgebouw (kamermuziekzaal), Brugge

Music and Architecture! Now that a fresh and sparkling wind is blowing through Bruges, we hope that the architectural perception of the People of Bruges is stimulated through the architectural quality of these seven examples.

Trip Along Flemish roads # 01 /05/2017

West & Oost-Vlaanderen +West- Vlaams-Brabant,

This spring we’re off on a journey, not on an exotic destination like Chandigarh or Naoshima, but to the Flemish hinterland where the names of the hamlets vaguely sounds familiar and where cyclists tracks are guiding us.

Debate triennial Bruges 2015

Vriendenzaal van de musea, Brugge

A debate with famous architects – moderated by architect and urbanist Marc Martens – giving their story about dealing with heritage. The panel will include noA architects, Dertien 12, Urbain Architectencollectief & Adrian D’Halluin (Baumschlager-Eberle)

Visit the exhibition

deSingel Internationale kunstcampus, Antwerpen

The exhibition ‘Encounters’ pictures the uniqueness of noA architects. The collective positions itself as a subtle reconciler between client, building, context and future user.

Miscellaneous Flourishing landscapes in South-West Flanders

Zuid-West Vlaanderen,

South-West Flanders is on the move. Numerous quality projects graft themselves in an increasingly urbanized landscape. We visitthe sometimes forgoten Flanders Fields where the ‘new challenges for the landscape often have a different meaning.

Lecture Conversation between artist Benoît van Innis, noA Architects and art critic Jan Florizoone

Stadhuis Menen, Menen

Numerous interventions in buildings and public spaces play in a surprising way with the context, as well as to narrow as to broaden the relationship between the two. In a conversation the relationship between art and architecture.

Lecture Day of the architecture

Concertgebouw, Brugge

Their work is characterized by professionalism, patience, serenity and subtle design decisions. Each project is a new questioning of a new context with a new design challenge.

Visit Bustrip tough the South of West-Flanders

The eight buildings of the trip vary in typology – from hotel to an industrial building into a village hall or a cultural center – and the ride takes us to places where we would not make a special detour.


noA architects was founded in 1999 by An Fonteyne, Jitse van den Berg and Philippe Viérin. The office is located on two sites: a paper mill converted by them in the center of Brussels and a historic location in the center of Bruges.

An Fonteyne (°Ostend, 1971) graduated in 1994 at Ghent University, worked at DKV Architects in Rotterdam, David Chipperfield in London and Rapp Höhne Architekten in Berlin. Jitse van den Berg (°Nijmegen, 1971) graduated from the Technical University Berlin in 2001, worked at Sauerbruch Hutton Architekten Berlin and then at David Chipperfield Architects London. Philippe Vierin (°Bruges, 1969) graduated from the University of Ghent in 1992, worked with Stéphane Beel, consecutively with Kees Christiaanse Architects & Planners in Rotterdam and Piet Viérin.

The agency has built a significant reputation with the construction of several landmark projects. These are mainly public buildings, where the design includes all aspects: urban planning, architectural design and structural detailing, designing the furniture and signage.

An important aspect is the research into the emotional impact and the physical aspects of the building, supported by a profound interest in the possibilities offered by materials and light. The projects are designed to provide an unexpected answer to the problem and the context.

The work is nationally and internationally appreciated. The town hall of Kortrijk and the Petrol were widely published, as the town hall of Menen, which was also nominated for the prestigious Mies van der Rohe Award.