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Architects and studios: Nero 1-4 / 4

Exhibition between looking and making /06/2015

K.U. Leuven faculteit architectuur, Gent

A generation architects , graduated at St. Lucas in 1974 and all tutors say farewell: Paul Robbrecht, Marie-José Van Hee, Marc Dubois, Jan Maenhout, Luc Devos, William Lievens, Paul Lievevrouw, Francis Glorieux and Martin Herman. Also Christian Kieckens, Marc Felix & Gilbert Decouvreur, who taught for years at the institute, are part of this generation. Engineers as Guy Mouton and Patrick Lints joined the team.

Lecture concrete utopia

't Leerhuys, Brugge

No spectacle architecture but a sophisticated application of functionality and a controlled use of contemporary materials, light and space which exudes a sleek poetry.

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In a collaboration between the Ghent architectural associations and the services of the city of Ghent a big architecture exhibition was set up where about 180 buildings were presented. The exhibition concept was inspired by the spatial contrasts of streets and squares in confrontation with the historical location of St. Peter’s Abbey.

Lecture by William Lievens, Jan Debusschere, Philip Cardinael, Wilfried Vandeghinste, Jan Dewitte & Dhr. Puttman

Herberg 'Gasthof Den Engel', Gits


NERO is an architectural office in Ghent that was founded in 1988 by three architects: William Lievens (°1948), Rudi De Backer (°1958) and (since 1993) Marianne Hofstede (°1958-2013). Since the establishment of the office in 1988, this trio realized in a wide area around Ghent a series of remarkable buildings. No spectacular architecture but by use of a sophisticated functionality and controlled use of contemporary materials, light and space which exudes a sleek poetry.

The work of Nero combines fire and water and is therefore dominated by the concrete utopia. While the concrete of this utopia, taking into account the laws of budget, timing and construction logic allows the utopia or the belief in a feasible dream world for a fresh enrichment of the architectural language. Nero, the mad Roman emperor. Nero roguish comic character …

Architecture is for the architects of the Nero product no theory. But searching for the Aha experience, the architecture of the domain is continually explored: from bench to city, from concrete to polyester, from frame to structure, to dream really. “