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Architects and studios: Axel Ghyssaert 1-2 / 2

Visit house + film 'Science Fiction'


The impressive house (1968) by architect Axel Ghyssaert acted in early 2002 as a unique backdrop for the youth film ‘Science Fiction’ by director Dany Deprez who got of attention with his magical-realist film debut “The ball”.

Miscellaneous Film "Occupation des sols" by Marie-Françoise Plissart + Bike Ride


The tour takes you to a number of contemporary interventions on or near the city fortifications and then goes in search of notable buildings and homes in the suburbs with a contemporary and/or modernist perspective.

Axel Ghyssaert

Axel Ghyssaert (°1933) is a Belgian architect.

Even as a child was Axel Ghyssaert drawing and painting process. When he had his degree of architect in his pocket, his career took an unprecedented speed. A house in the countryside building to make it disappear it was his intention. With the construction of his own house, he succeeded in this.

After a long, passionate career as an architect, Ghyssaert paints now parts of nature still starting out his glass mirror structures. The mirrors are optical image scavengers of nature. Light directing plays a role.