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Architects and studios: Gaston Eysselinck 1-2 / 2

Lecture by Francis Strauven

CC De Grote Post (voormalig PTT gebouw), Oostende

Modernism versus traditionalism in the Belgian architecture. Especially on the coastline of Belgium.

Lecture by Marc Dubois

CC De Grote Post (voormalig PTT), Oostende

Ghent architect Eysselinck is a central figure in the Belgian architecture of the interwar period. The post office building in Ostend (1945-1952) is undeniably his magnum opus and a masterpiece of Belgian architecture of the 20th century.

Gaston Eysselinck

Gaston Eysselinck (°Tienen, October 12, 1907 – †Ostend, December 6, 1953) was a Belgian architect.

He belongs to the second generation modernist architects who made their debut around 1930. According to Huib Hoste, he was one of the most radical figures in the avant-garde. In his small oeuvre there are two highlights: his own house in Ghent (1930-1931) and the Post Office in Ostend (1946-1953), a key work in the Belgian architecture of the 20th century.