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Architects and studios: Robbrecht & Daem 1-10 / 15

Miscellaneous Symposium-day Living a drift

KASK, School of Arts, Gent

Archipel likes to build bridges to other domains of society. Archipel is venturing into new territory. In collaboration with the Belgian-Dutch Foundation for Psychoanalysis and Culture, founded in 1990, we investigate the link to architecture.

Lecture An Architectural Anthology | RobbrechtenDaem

Lantaarntoren Concertgebouw, Brugge

The book offers a comprehensive overview of the work of Robbrecht and Daem architects from the early eighties to the present. Why there are ’5 Themes, 9 Key Projects, 11 Titles, 49 Voices, 63 Projects, 75 Glosses’ etc .. etc ..

Trip Along Flemish roads #02 /10/2017

In real pioneer style, we draw with camera, sketchbook and valies in the hand of Leuven, Flemish Brabant, Hageland, Haspengouw, Hasselt, Limburg and Antwerp Kempen to Antwerp or vice versa.

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Concertgebouw, Brugge

The Bruges Concert Hall becomes an open house. In 2002 the Concert Hall opened his doors. The architectural pearl of Robbrecht & Daem architects became a vibrant meeting place for art lovers, artists and the corporate business world local and from abroad. 15 years later, more precisely from September 2017, the Concert Hall reveals its secrets even during daytime.

Trip Along Flemish roads # 01 /05/2017

West & Oost-Vlaanderen +West- Vlaams-Brabant,

This spring we’re off on a journey, not on an exotic destination like Chandigarh or Naoshima, but to the Flemish hinterland where the names of the hamlets vaguely sounds familiar and where cyclists tracks are guiding us.

Lecture Robbrecht & Daem, Dierendonckblancke and MDW/V+

Site VRT & RTBF, Brussel

Both VRT and RTBF will build a new house. Provisional houses both broadcasters still together. In the future they will each sit in a separate broadcasting building, and this side by side on the same site on the Reyerslaan in Brussels. Both agencies present their project and discuss about the meeting of two buildings on the site.

Exhibition between looking and making /06/2015

K.U. Leuven faculteit architectuur, Gent

A generation architects , graduated at St. Lucas in 1974 and all tutors say farewell: Paul Robbrecht, Marie-José Van Hee, Marc Dubois, Jan Maenhout, Luc Devos, William Lievens, Paul Lievevrouw, Francis Glorieux and Martin Herman. Also Christian Kieckens, Marc Felix & Gilbert Decouvreur, who taught for years at the institute, are part of this generation. Engineers as Guy Mouton and Patrick Lints joined the team.

Visit Daytrip to the pavilion


A day trip to the pavilion and the Krefeld period of one of the major icons of twentieth century architecture.

Lecture Conversation between Paul Robbrecht and director Peter Verhelst

Concertgebouw, Brugge

A conversation on their readings of the building, about their views on architecture, on the role of art and architecture, about their encounter. You can learn more in this double talk that will be moderated by Jan Florizoone.

Lecture own work

De Boekentoren, Gent

By 2017 the Book Tower in Ghent will be restored, two hundred years after the founding of the university. Designed in 1934 by architect Henry Van de Velde, this monument is considered an icon of modernist architecture from the interwar period. The impressive building has been protected since 1992.

Robbrecht & Daem

Robbrecht & Daem is an Belgain architects-office founded in 1975 in Ghent.

Paul Robbrecht (°Sleidinge, October 28, 1950) graduated from the Higher Institute of Architecture Sint-Lucas (1969-1974), he did an internship with Marc Dessauvage. He taught at the Ghent Academy (1978-92), St. Lucas Ghent and the AA School in London.

Hilde Daem (°Haaltert, December 12, 1950) studied at the Academy of Ghent (1970-1975). she did an internship at Francis Serck.

Robbrecht and Daem had great interest in the development of art and its possible influence on architecture. They found in their practice a way out of the crisis architecture of the 1970s through a revaluation of architecture as an autonomous discipline. Robbrecht and Daem were inspired not only by this contemporary art but also by the classical architectural tradition. After the Rome Prize (1979) and the Godecharle (1980) have achieved, Robbrecht made a study trip through Italy, where he immersed himself in the Renaissance and became a member of the Centro Palladio.

The earliest work of Robbrecht and Daem shows a return to the classic basic components of the architecture. Their first notable work was a bank building in Kerksken at Aalst (1988) surrounded a pure white prism with a double high concrete porch. Their interest in the Renaissance is also reflected in the collaboration with visual artists such as in the home Mys in Oudenaarde. The different rooms have been modeled over a ten year period in collaboration with artists such as Thierry de Cordier, Juan Muñoz and Cristina Iglesias. After this experience they developed exhibition projects with various artists. They put themselves in addition to the examination of the possible relationships between architecture and art, as in 1989, with Marie-José Van Hee in the Brussels gallery Hufkens, the Aue Pavilions at Documenta IX in Kassel (1990-92) and the rebuilding of the Katoennatie in Antwerp (1994 and 2000). Their main works include the expansion of the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam (1996-2003) and the Concertgebouw in Bruges (1999-2002). In 1997 they realized the Canal Houses on the Coupure in Ghent, an ensemble of two buildings that are adapted to the surrounding 19th-century mansions.

In 1997 Robbrecht and Daem were the Flemish Culture Prize for Architecture (along with Marie-José Van Hee).