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Architects and studios: Schenk Hattori 1-1 / 1

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de Singel - Muziekstudio, Antwerpen

Sugiberry (Meaning) shows how an idea that adapts to a changing context, more specifically in the cultural exchange between Flanders and Japan. Schenk Hattori (Translations) seeks the limits of our imagination, and even more the mysterious and often lost elements in architecture.

Schenk Hattori

Schenk Hattori is a Belgian-Jpanese architects office operating in Antwerp and Tokyo, founded in 2014 by Steven Schenk and Daisuke Hattori.

Steven Schenk studied architecture at the University of Antwerp (BE) and at the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio (CH). Before setting up his own studio, he worked at various architectural firms, including Christian Kieckens Architects in Brussels (BE) and Miller & Maranta Architekten in Basel (CH). He was also design assistant at the ETH in Zurich (CH).

Daisuke Hattori studied at Keio University in Kanagawa (JP) and at the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio (CH). He has worked for various architectural firms in Denmark, Japan, France and Switzerland, including for √Čric Lapierre Experience in Paris (FR).