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Architects and studios: Marcio Kogan 1-3 / 3

Lecture Tropical Modernism

De Centrale, Gent

The work is characterized by breathtaking details in a contemporary architectural language, on climate tapered orientations circulations and interior designs, topped with a subtle finesse and respect for traditional Brazilian materials and objects.

Trip Architecture in São Paulo, Brasilia, Rio De Janeiro /04/2010

São Paulo, Brasilia, Rio De Janeiro...

“Sob uma tal luz a arquitetura nascerá.” (Under such a light architecture is born)
Le Corbusier 1936.

Miscellaneous Info evening

De Biekorf, Brugge

This trip is a real discovery. In the foothsteps of Pedro Álvares Cabral we try to unveil the architectural secrets of this continent.

Marcio Kogan

Marcio Kogan, a Brazilian filmmaker and architect and founder of studio MK27 as it was renamed in 2001 (originally founded in 1980), is considered one of the most important contemporary architects of Brazil.

studio MK27
Recipient of over 50 national and international awards, the studio is a collaborative effort where each of the 20 architects takes equal part in every phase of the project, and whose work involves industrial design apart from elements of cinematography and traditional architecture. the result is a highly personal client-architect relationship with an intense attention to detail whereby each designer functions as a craftsman.