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Architects and studios: Rudy Ricciotti 1-3 / 3

Trip Cycling in Paris /05/2015


Josephine Baker was in the Parisian avant-garde “très hot” because of her dancing dressed in 16 bananas. Hemingway called her “the most sensational woman anyone ever saw.” Adolf Loos was responsible for her unbuild “Roosmalen house.” Josephine and architecture. But Josephine Baker and Le Corbusier? We are looking for an answer.

Trip two urbanistic visions /10/2014

Le Havre & Nantes

Discover two very different urban development projects: a modernist approach in Le Havre and a contemporary approach in Nantes. Along the way we see some interesting projects in Rouen, Saint-Nazaire and Paris.

Lecture Ultra High Strength Concrete

Diamant Brussels - Conference & Business Centre, Brussel

Ricciotti achieves magisterial technological and architectural delights in terms of concrete applications. UHSC makes it possible for architects to achieve extremely slim design, and special shapes with minimum concrete sections, which leads to dramatic architectural concrete.

Rudy Ricciotti

Rudy Ricciotti (°Kouba, August 22, 1952) is an French architect.

He was born in Kouba, Algeria of Italian origin and moved to France at the age of three. He studied engineering in Switzerland and he graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Marseille in 1980.

He abhors minimalism. He supports the “demuseumification of museums.” He runs a small publishing house, Al Dante, which publishes photography, essays on architecture, and poetry, including a French translation of John Ashbery. He is a recipient of the Legion of Honor, the Order of Arts and Letters and the National Order of Merit.

He lives in Cassis and has an office in Bandol.