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Architects and studios: Denis Dujardin 1-3 / 3

Lecture Lieven Dejaeghere and Denis Dujardin

Kortrijk Weide | Depart, Kortrijk

Around the Kortrijk Creativity Week we zoom in on Kortrijk’s talent. The stage is given to architect Lieven Dejaeghere and landscape architect Denis Dujardin.

Lecture Neo-naturalism

JOC Minus One Rabot, Gent

The “new” or re-emerging naturalism in landscape architecture dramatizes the longing of man for the alleged paradise, for example, the High Line in New York, and the work of Piet Oudolf. Denis Dujardin, landscape architect works national and international with renowned architects, gives us insight into the evolution of the current landscaping.

Lecture Theatre reassurance

Project Zebrastraat, Gent

The landscape is a battlefield of interests. Everyone projects their own intentions or desires.

Denis Dujardin

Denis Dujardin is a Flemish nomadic consultant on landscaping and urbanism. He designs different settings in a range of diverse scenographic contexts.

He teaches “Paysage” and “Lieux d’expressions” at the UCL, faculty of Architecture in the town of Tournai. He is guest professor in the departments Architecture and Urbanism in different schools and universities in Belgium and neighbouring countries. His signature is the focus on the feasibility, the self-evidence and the invisibility of the project. His work often features the idea of theatrically dissimulating the act of the intervention. He writes essays on art, more specifically on painting. He is the author of about 200 gardens in Belgium and abroad.