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Architects and studios: Rapp & Rapp 1-3 / 3

Trip Along Flemish roads # 01 /05/2017

West & Oost-Vlaanderen +West- Vlaams-Brabant,

This spring we’re off on a journey, not on an exotic destination like Chandigarh or Naoshima, but to the Flemish hinterland where the names of the hamlets vaguely sounds familiar and where cyclists tracks are guiding us.

Visit Bustrip tough the South of West-Flanders

The eight buildings of the trip vary in typology – from hotel to an industrial building into a village hall or a cultural center – and the ride takes us to places where we would not make a special detour.

Lecture Hard core of beauty

Dorpshuis Jonkershove, Houthulst

Jonkershove, where the lecture will take place can be described as dark space coordinates which sublimate a brutal materiality. The most prominent characteristics of this modest but great edifice are the robust materialization and sensual details.

Rapp & Rapp

The architects-office Rapp + Rapp was founded in 1997 (with the current name in 1999) by the German couple Christian Rapp and Rapp Birgit, they have offices in Amsterdam and Berlin.
Christian Rapp (°Munich, 1962) was trained as a bricklayer and studied architecture at the TU Berlin and TU Delft. He worked in the offices of Otto Steidle, Rem Koolhaas and Hans Kollhoff and conducted from 1992 to 1998, a joint office with Stefan Höhne. In 1997 he was awarded the Maaskant Prize for Young Architects. After several guest lecturer at German and Dutch training he has worked since 2007 at Eindhoven University professor Rational Architecture. From 2016 Christian Rapp, the city architect of Antwerp.

Birgit Rapp-Scheulen studied architectural design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and architecture at the Academy of Architecture. Since 1997 she collaborates with Christian Rapp, with whom she founded a joint office in 1999. Birgit worked as a responsible partner in the Foyer Bos en Lommer and residential building in Chicago and Amsterdam, in addition to the involvement in various projects, responsible for the daily operations of the office.