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Architects and studios: B-architecten 1-2 / 2

Lecture 'De Grote Post' in Ostend

CC De Grote Post (voormalig PTT gebouw van Gaston Eysselinck), Oostende

Lecture on the occasion of the opening of the cultural center “Grote Post” in Ostend. In order to make the building a vibrant cultural center, B-Architects realizes in the courtyard of the building a public space: an open-air theater.

Lecture Pragmatic materiality

Beursschouwburg, Brussel

Although the start of the office is still freshly etched in everyone’s memory, this young Antwerp architecture office has already a beautiful monograph write down on its curriculum. A new meaning to less obvious materials such as sandbags and gold are assigned on the agenda.


The collective B-architects founded in 1997 by Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen and Sven Grooten soon made a name with projects where a certain roughness pragmatic similarities evoked with artistic installations, dirty realism and street culture.

The unorthodox application of industrial prefabricated materials, the atypical rearrangement of volumes and the spatial flexibility are characteristic of the B-architecture. They applied these principles to shops, offices, villas, group housing and scenography, in Brecht, Antwerp, Paris and Tokyo.