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Architects and studios: Riepl Riepl 1-2 / 2

Trip Munich, Linz, Salzburg & Graz /05/2005

München, Linz, Salzburg & Graz

The sunny Danube cities Linz and Krems, the old Salzburg, the (to our surprise) snowy Alps and the border area between Graz and Vienna, bringing us projects of Riepl & Riepl, Riegler Riewe, Lichtblau Wagner, Bétrix & Cosolascio and others.

Lecture own work

Magdalenazaal, Brugge

Many of their projects are clearly expressive volumes to claim their place in the environment, but their construction is still found in the existing context. Their latest work renew the focus on the abstract and compact volume.

Riepl Riepl

Riepl & Riepl is an Austrian architects-office founded in 1985, with the new name since 1994 with an office in Linz and Vienna.

Peter Riepl (°Wels, 1952) graduated from the Studium TU Innsbruck in 1985, he worked from 1988 to 1994 along with Thomas Moser. In this early period they get special attention because of their renovation projects in Hagenberg im Mühlkreis – about 20 km above Linz – they renovate a dilapidated castle to a modern research center RISC (1986-89) and in Linz them cultivate a late Baroque building an international management school Limak (1990-98). After the departure of Thomas Moser in 1994, Peter Riepl stated working with Gabriele.

Gabriele Riepl (°Lienz, 1954), graduated from the Studium TU Vienna / Innsbruck in 1985.