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Countries: Italy 11-20 / 23

Lecture by Dirk De Meyer

Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Gent

Giambattista Piranesi was a Venetian architect and etcher who became famous for his graphic work that he made in Rome. The most famous part of his oeuvre are the large format prints of Roman cityscapes and the series of dark Carceri or dungeons.

Lecture own work

Interieur, Kortrijk Xpo, Kortrijk

The man behind the eponymous leading company, is well known in the design world. His collaboration with groundbreaking designers have created Alessi an authority. In his lecture, he approached the role of design in our society, both past, present and future.

Trip From Palladio to Scarpa /05/1997

Vicenza, Verona, Venezia...

Central place in this trip is Vicenza, the center of the achievements of Palladio. The significance of Palladio for the Western architectural history is significant. The main theme of the trip is the work of Carlo Scarpa.

Lecture own work

Designcentrum Quattro Sisterco, Hoegaarden

In addition to numerous homes, the Scarpa’s got a wellknown client, the Benetton company. They built factories and warehouses in Padermo di Ponzano, Castretti di Villorba, Parigi and recently in Treviso.

Lecture own work

IB-lichtateljee, Sint-Andries Brugge

Designer and Lightdeigner Enzo Catellani along with Logan Smith, architect startes in 1985 the idea of designing interior lighting and utensils and manufacture it artisanaly: nonconformist ideas outside manager stress, outside the pressure of performance, referring to work that calls hands and brains.

Trip De Tendenza /05/1990

Como, Mendrisiotto, Lugano...

The connection to regional traditions and on the pioneering work of the Italian rationalism. The autonomy of forms, their simplicity and purity.

Lecture own work

'De Middenstand, Brugge

In the turbulent architectural developments in the last decades in Italy, Pica Ciamarra continue to set its own course. A roadtrip that can not be labeled, but each project is led by the internal logic and a plot that requires a correct answer.

Visit exhibition

'De Singel', Antwerpen

Opening of the exhibition, which is opened by Rossi himself in the framework of the “Avantguardia Italiana” in Antwerp (architecture – theatre – film)