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Countries: Netherlands 1-10 / 29

Lecture A zoom-in by KAAN architecten (NL)

Theaterzaal Ledeberg, Gent

Dutch architectural firm KAAN is renovating the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp. We visit the site and listen to a lecture about their own work.

Lecture Own work

Kunstencentrum Vooruit - Domzaal (3de verdieping), Gent

Atelier Kempe Till finished first of 19 candidates to transform the former garage Mahy (a circus with covered courtyard) in into a contemporary hotspot for innovation and encountering. The agency has managed to seamlessly mix the historic architecture with the contemporary multimedia story.

Lecture own work

Crematorium de Heimolen, Sint-Niklaas

The cemetery Heimolen in Sint-Niklaas proves that neutrality may also be staggering. The two buildings – the reception building and crematorium, interconnected through the landscape – bear the stamp of the architectural language developed by the designers for nearly twenty years.

Lecture Hard core of beauty

Dorpshuis Jonkershove, Houthulst

Jonkershove, where the lecture will take place can be described as dark space coordinates which sublimate a brutal materiality. The most prominent characteristics of this modest but great edifice are the robust materialization and sensual details.

Lecture The Knokke Casino

Cultuurcentrum Scharpoord, Knokke-Heist

The monolithic proposal does initially remember of Koolhaas’ (never carried out) design for the ferry terminal in Zeebrugge and at the same time the diamond-shaped wall structure draws parallels with the London Swiss RE headquarters by Norman Foster.

Lecture Let modern architecture become old

't Leerhuys, Brugge

To gain insight into this new matter Archipel invited a specialist from Rotterdam who restored some famous icons from the “New Style”.

Visit Walcheren, Netherlands

Zeeland: Walcheren,

Apart from a few exceptions, we are visiting mostly urban or neighborhood gardens that fit perfectly with their surroundings and which have mostly old plantation.

Visit exhibition in Rotterdam


We searched for and found two reasons to visit Rotterdam again, namely:
The global impact of Rem Koolhaas and OMA AMO on contemporary architecture, urbanism and others is simply impressive.
The restored Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam can also be admired on the inside.

Lecture own work

Cinema Lumière, Brugge

In their poetic designs for landscapes, parks, urban squares in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and England they leave the traditional patterns behind and they introduced new contemporary typologies.

Visit daytrip


Rotterdam is cultural capital of Europe in 2001. Whoever was the last decades in or along Rotterdam, must have had the feeling of the Global City.