Experience architecture!

Countries: Portugal 1-10 / 10

Lecture Filipe Magalhães & Ana Luisa Soares

XXL van Kortrijk Xpo, Kortrijk

Fala Atelier is an enthusiastic young agency from Portugal that transforms small and non-obvious spaces into sparkling housing units in a very creative way.

Lecture own work

Budafabriek, Kortrijk

Aires Mateus brothers believe that an architectural project should express the determination of an idea, using limits and space to write history, looking at the future.

Lecture own work

Katho Campus, Kortrijk

A walk through the work of Souto de Moura develops a kind of meditation and selfreflection on the profession, the métier, the discipline. An almost autistic quest for perfection.

Trip contemporary architecture /2008

Porto, Braga, Coimbra...

The metro in Porto, Casa da Musica, the football stadium in Braga, Alvaro Siza & Eduardo Souto de Moura, the Portuguese sun, Christina Branco Vinoverde or Vintage Port. Mansilla & Tuñón in Leon, Patxi Mangado in Santiago de Compostela, el camino peregrino, the Spanish sunshine, Ola, una Cava, un Cerveza, por favor.

Lecture own work

Magdalenazaal, Sint-Andries Brugge

The influence of the Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura is invaluable for contemporary European architecture. Eduardo Souto de Moura today enjoys wide international recognition.

Lecture own work + introduction Marc Dubois

Sobinco, Zulte

Marc Dubois about commercial buildingculture and Carhillo da Graça on recent work

Miscellaneous with video of Paul Vandenberghe

't Leerhuys, Brugge

Experience the architecture of our trip to the ‘strange magic of the obvious’ in a one and a hour movie.

Trip The strange magic of the obvious /05/1999

Lisboa, Aveiro, Porto...

How fascinating historical Portugal is, the tour will primarily focus on a selection of contemporary architecture in the region between Lisbon and Porto, obviously the work of Alvaro Siza as a thread.

Visit 'Alvaro Siza and the architecture of Portugal' + 'Mario Botta collection' + 'Free thought in Iron'


Visit of tree exibitions