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Countries: Spain 1-10 / 15

Lecture Architecture on the skin

JOC Minus One Rabot, Gent

The Madrid office, founded by Daniel Martin Diaz Font and Belén López-Granizo spreads a sensual range of robust materials. Typically, the whole line of their refreshing and dynamic design is a range of materials often canned in an abstract straitjacket.

Lecture Sustainable exuberance

Cultureel Centrum De Valkaart, Oostkamp

In Belgium, Carlos Arroyo is best known as the designer of the new academy of Dilbeek and the redesign of the Coca-Cola site of Oostkamp, both Open Call projects.

Trip contemporary architecture /2008

Porto, Braga, Coimbra...

The metro in Porto, Casa da Musica, the football stadium in Braga, Alvaro Siza & Eduardo Souto de Moura, the Portuguese sun, Christina Branco Vinoverde or Vintage Port. Mansilla & Tuñón in Leon, Patxi Mangado in Santiago de Compostela, el camino peregrino, the Spanish sunshine, Ola, una Cava, un Cerveza, por favor.

Lecture own work

Magdalenazaal, Brugge

Mangado defends a spirit of creative research apart from “a priori credos” or conventions, in a naked confrontation with the design problem, which he compares with the art of bullfighting.

Trip Nueva simplicidad: part 2 /04/2004

Madrid, Pamplona, Bilbao...,

The last decade brought a wave of architectural renewal in Spain. We were impressed by the quality of work of a new generation of architects working all over Spain.

Lecture own work

Magdalenazaal, Brugge

Solera develops a cool, formal and abstract architecture with a clear expression of structure and function. The essence of his architecture is a sense of reality that he answers in his projects with construction materials and details.

Lecture own work

Architecture is for Paya a simultaneous process where several factors are involved. On the one hand those that have direct connection with the discipline architecture: such as structure, construction, materials. On the other hand those which are connected to the “experience” – images being viewed, the program, … – that can be outside the discipline.

Lecture own work

Architecture is the art to materialize dreams. Their architecture is delicate and fragile, often refined sensual. Sculptural objects that connect and absorb seamlessly inside and outside, open and closed.

Trip Nueva Simplicidad: part 1 /04/2003

Valencia, Allicante, Murcia

The immersion in the concepts … in a local culture.


't Leerhuys, Brugge

To introduce the architecture in Spain, the tour guides give an introduction. Three angles: globalization, nueva simplicidad and restorations.