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Countries: Sweden 1-6 / 6

Lecture by Thomas Bo Jensen (DK)

Campus Sint-Lucas Gent - Auditorium A4, Gent

Bricks are known as a building material in Denmark and indeed throughout Scandinavia during the past 900 years. The longevity and the fact that the materials are combustible, has made that bricks have gradually replaced wooden houses in the cities.

Trip Stockholm & Oslo /05/2009

In Oslo we are led by an impressive series of works by Arne Korsmo and Sverre Fehn. In Stockholm we see masterpieces by Asplund, Lewerentz and Celsing, and in Uppsala unexpectedly an Aalto. We also discover recent work of Snohetta, Kristin Jarmund, Jensen & Skodvin, Jarmund & Vigsnaes and Henning Larsen.

Lecture by Gilbert Decouvreur

De Biekorf, Brugge

There is a rare charm and something indescribable personal from all that is in the hands of Asplund & Lewerents.

Trip Craftsmanship, landscape and redevelopment /05/2006

København, Malmö

The Danes and Swedes use the landscape to structure urban interventions. Whether newly designed squares, parks and spaces are tilted on a higher level by assigning objects a second layer of meaning.

Miscellaneous Report preparation trip /06/2005

Besides recent and less recent architecture we also want to show the typical Danish / Swedish care for the exterior (landscape architecture and urbanism).

Lecture by Gilbert Decouvreur

't Leerhuys, Brugge

With the work of Erik Gunnar Asplund from the interwar period, we see the radical transformations in the work of the same architect. The library in Stockholm with its cylindrical center, enclosed by three lower wings in a horseshoe shape in line with the Swedish Neo-Classicism.