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Countries: Switzerland 1-10 / 18

Lecture Own work

MIRY Concertzaal, Gent

Häberli succeeds in unifying tradition and innovation, joy and energy in his designs and his work is strongly influenced by his early youth in Argentina as well as his curiosity and studies in daily life.

Lecture Housing in Zurich by Christian Inderbitzin

Campus Sint-Lucas, Auditorium A3, Gent

Although the Swiss architecture is mainly known for its often ascetic appearance, in recent years the boundaries are shifted. Edelaar Mosayebi Inderbitzin architects rethinks housing and pours it into new forms.

Trip architecture in the southwestern part /05/2012

A trip from Geneva to Lausanne, Biel and Neuchatel to Bern, with numerous stops in the beautiful Swiss landscape will us introduce with an architecture that is closely related to the existing context.

Lecture Work in progress

Intercultureel Centrum ‘De Centrale’, Gent

His designs seem to be honed into an archaic peace and concentration. This provides special buildings that have been designed with precisely balanced architectural resources.

Lecture Risky serenity

Auditorium Oehoe, E1, Gent

Their work is characterized by a continuous progressive quest around a number of themes such as the use of orthogonal geometry, simplicity of form, a sensitive use of materials, and special attention to the context.

Lecture Experimental reduction

Muziekcentrum De Bijloke, Gent

The architectural office Burkard Meyer, founded in 1968 by Urs Burkard and Adrian Meyer (both 1942), is recently owned by Oliver Dufner (1968), Daniel Krieg, Antti Rüegg and Andreas Signer. These four young associates continue the architectural production in the same spirit of consistent care and precise constructive experiment.

Visit Introvert Materiality

l'Institut Supérieur d'Architecture La Cambre & Flagey, Brussel

(Non-Archipel lecture) For Peter Zumthor everything can be reduced to “staying”, whether it is a house, a museum or an exhibition facility. After his high-profile buildings like the Therme Vals (1996), Kunsthaus Bregenz (1997) Peter Zumthor presents new work.

Lecture Experimenting Architecture

Magdalenazaal, Brugge

Sublimating a theme to its essence on a conceptual level is without doubt an invitation to simplicity. Reduction is required to demonstrate that the essence of shape has not yet been be observed, in spite of its simplicity.

Lecture own work

Magdalenazaal, Sint-Andries Brugge

The duo Annette Gigon and Mike Guyer had in 1989 with the contest for the Kirchner Museum in Davos a start of an extraordinary architectural trail. The austere purity, humble restraint, the treatment of light and space brought a new dimension to the museum.

Lecture own work

Cinema Lumière, Brugge

Conzett worked with Peter Zumthor and Gigon/Guyer. He gained international fame for a series of remarkable bridges (footbridges, car bridges). In Bruges he designed the Bridge over the Coupure.