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Countries: Switzerland 11-18 / 18

Trip architecture trip /05/2001

Luzern, Chür, Zürich, Sant Gallen...

We traveled through snowy passes in Switzerland, from village to village, to spot as many projects as possible.

Lecture by Christian Kieckens

't Leerhuys, Brugge

The current architecture in Switzerland is approached from three perspectives, namely the Swiss think neutrality, collectivity, control, planning, culture … the theme of ‘no architecture but building’ and contemporary interventions in this building through a different approach with materials, constructions, contemporary art …

Lecture Weil Am Rein

Interieur, Kortrijk Xpo, Kortrijk

He’s not only a manager with vision, but also the client of an architectural project in which cultural achievements to Gehry, Siza, Ando, Hadid to effect the startling architecture site.

Miscellaneous The unbearable lightness of architecture

A fascinating confrontation with a contemporary architecture that seeks for essence, simplicity & purity. The architectural culture in the region of Basel cannot be placed under one label.

Trip The unbearable lightness of architecture /05/1994

Zürich, Basel, Weil-am-Rein...

By the fruitful collaboration of talented architects, sensitized clients engaged politicians, interested officials and critical media, a cultural climate arose in a region which proved to be a fertile ground for good architecture.

Trip De Tendenza /05/1990

Como, Mendrisiotto, Lugano...

The connection to regional traditions and on the pioneering work of the Italian rationalism. The autonomy of forms, their simplicity and purity.

Visit 'Alvaro Siza and the architecture of Portugal' + 'Mario Botta collection' + 'Free thought in Iron'


Visit of tree exibitions

Lecture by Marc Dubois

Herberg 'Gasthof Den Engel', Gits

A global approach to the different designers and their work respectively in Ticino. The second part highlights in particular the work of Mario Botta.