Experience architecture!

Countries: Belgium 1-10 / 215

Lecture Own work by Filip Dujardin

Auditorium Quetelet, Gent

Filip Dujardin plays with the boundaries between photography, architectural photography, architecture and architectural fiction. He describes it himself as “a multimedia exploration of the essence of architecture,” replacing the pixel with brick.

Lecture Lieven Dejaeghere and Denis Dujardin

Kortrijk Weide | Depart, Kortrijk

Around the Kortrijk Creativity Week we zoom in on Kortrijk’s talent. The stage is given to architect Lieven Dejaeghere and landscape architect Denis Dujardin.

Lecture Presentation of young architectural firms

Dok Gent, Gent

A stage for young talent within the Festival of Architecture. Nine young agencies show their vision and ideas to a wide audience of architects in a dazzling way. The DOK location will close its doors the following week. A unique last chance.

Exhibition Connect the city! /09/2019

Belgacomtoren - 10de verd., Gent

To build bridges between academic research and practice, the city architect wants to encourage and draw attention to (design) research and to challenge design forces to innovate on socially relevant themes. That is why he takes the initiative during the F / a to make an exhibition with strong student work in which Ghent forms the work field.

Lecture Round trip + lecture

Casalis-site, Kortrijk

Landscape architects Studio Basta take us in tow through the West Flemish landscape in search of natural, unforced changes in the landscape.

Lecture Own work by Philippe Viérin (noA architects)

KANAL – Centre Pompidou, Brussel

The internationally competition KANAL-Center Pompidou Brut in Brussels is the occasion to organize a lecture about the recent work of noA architects. A lecture on location!

Lecture Young Architects speaking # 5

Jeugdontmoetingscentrum, Lichtervelde

We move to Lichtervelde to listen to two young architects, Raamwerk and m u r m u u r.

Trip Along Walloon roads /05/2019

After the successful journeys ‘Wild West’ and ‘Far East’ in Flanders in May and November 2017, Archipel continues the quest for high-quality architecture in 2019 in the Walloon provinces of Belgium. Between the Hainaut remnants of mining waste hills and of waffling politics, we discover surprising projects in Mouscron, Tournai, Hornu, Mons and La Louvière.

Visit Ghent is building a future


Archipel organizes a cycling tour in the north of Ghent under the guidance of Ghent city architect Peter Vanden Abeele.

Lecture Own work by Thierry Decuypere and Jörn Aram Bihain

Museum van Deinze en de Leiestreek, Deinze

In the context of the trip to Wallonia, Vers plus de bien être gives a lecture on his own work. The committed Brussels office was founded in 1998 by Jörn Bihain and Thierry Decuypere.