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Countries: Belgium 1-10 / 222

Lecture Visit expo with prior lecture NTB

de Singel - Muziekstudio, Antwerpen

Sugiberry (Meaning) shows how an idea that adapts to a changing context, more specifically in the cultural exchange between Flanders and Japan. Schenk Hattori (Translations) seeks the limits of our imagination, and even more the mysterious and often lost elements in architecture.

Lecture Thinking figuratively with Dirk Somers


Bovenbouw makes relevant buildings which tell the right things about the city. Bovenbouw makes architecture which is itself, averse to the cramped desire to be avant-garde. Bovenbouw’s work is based on the tension between thinking and doing, between the present and the past, and between the exotic and the everyday.

Lecture Spatiality

Loods, Gent

Two architects offices, Graux & Baeyens and Tim Rogge, present their work within the Young Architects series. Although both write their own story, they focus on a strong dialogue with the context and with the preconditions and show a special affinity with materials and textures.

Lecture Coulissen

Theaterzaal Ledeberg, Gent (Ledeberg)

Poot architecture stands for timeless architecture, based on a strong sense of space. It is soft and tough at the same time. What provides this power?

Lecture The role of architecture contests

Prinsenzaal, Het Rustpunt, Gent

The way in which competition projects with an intervention in important heritage not only provide their own interpretation of the requirements, but sometimes also of the heritage. That is in tension with (the illusion of) a static and purely scientific heritage assessment.

Visit Project visits along the axis Vilvoorde–Mechelen

Op locatie

Office Omgeving fills in the theme ‘unspoken’ in a proper manner and searches for the secret (unspoken) messages that they like to put into their projects: a layer of meaning that was not requested by the client, but which is considered valuable to integrate based upon the craftmenship.

Lecture More Home, More Garden

Auditorium Quetelet, Gent

Architect Marie-José Van Hee has resisted compromises for thirty years of practice, a period in which she has produced a very thoughtful and consistent oeuvre. She strives for an authentic, serene architecture with perseverance, tenacity and a healthy scepticism against the prevailing circumstances. Six architects view her work in the light of “unspoken”.

Lecture Own work by Filip Dujardin

Auditorium Quetelet, Gent

Filip Dujardin plays with the boundaries between photography, architectural photography, architecture and architectural fiction. He describes it himself as “a multimedia exploration of the essence of architecture,” replacing the pixel with brick.

Lecture Lieven Dejaeghere and Denis Dujardin

Kortrijk Weide | Depart, Kortrijk

Around the Kortrijk Creativity Week we zoom in on Kortrijk’s talent. The stage is given to architect Lieven Dejaeghere and landscape architect Denis Dujardin.

Lecture Presentation of young architectural firms

Dok Gent, Gent

A stage for young talent within the Festival of Architecture. Nine young agencies show their vision and ideas to a wide audience of architects in a dazzling way. The DOK location will close its doors the following week. A unique last chance.