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Countries: Belgium 131-140 / 215

Lecture own work

Vlerick Management School, Gent

Out of concern for quality and an improved approach for sustainable and future-oriented building, 4 words are forming the base: dream, execution, numbers and team.

Lecture own work

The goal is for each job to achieve a smart project, both on urbanistic and architectural level, on functional and structural level, and this in the given timeframe and budget.

Visit new architecture


We visit the university library in Heverlee by Rafael Moneo, STUK by Neutelings, the former school by Vandevelde, the station roof by Philip Samyn, de Lijn by Sola Morales and the provincial house by Gonzales-Byrne.

Lecture own work

Cinema Lumière, Brugge

The newly opened Musée des Arts Contemporain in Le Grand Hornu was the occasion to invite architect Pierre Hebbelinck. The merging of old and new, bright and generous spaces of the museum, the meticulous detailing make this museum an unusual experience.

Lecture Construction Masters, Artists, Visionaries

Concertgebouw, Brugge

The work is a search for the meaning of an architectural culture in which both the autonomy of the architecture as the servitude are in balance.

Miscellaneous Stories about buildings and their relationship to the environment

Flanders & Brussels,

In eight cities and two regions about 68 recently built projects are open to the public with guided tours.

Miscellaneous Bruges 2002

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brugge

On February 20th, 2002 the pavilion will be officially ‘opened’ by the royal couple, the prime minister, the prime minister, the governor and the mayor, in the presence of Toyo Ito. It is the prelude to the opening of Bruges 2002 – Cultural Capital of Europe precisely starting 20h02 in the new concert hall.

Lecture own work

't Leerhuys, Brugge

“Things have no meaning: they exist.” The work of noA architecten is very diverse, both in terms of program and scale and in terms of architectural design.

Lecture own work

't Leerhuys, Brugge

Meta takes since long a quirky no-nonsense position. They question entrenched positions, they go directly from the construction process to the architecture, they look for a decoupling of architecture and form. Their mission: the introduction of the logic of the thinking that leads to architecture independent of arbitrary parameters.

Visit Restaurationprojects in the inner city


The cultural year of 2002 in anticipation Bruges is in scafolding. Before this is dismantled and a week after monumentsday (to avoid public crowds) we organize a memorial walk on the scafoldings (to see the restoration work in detail). A walk on ‘high level’ so to speak.