Experience architecture!

Countries: Belgium 201-210 / 210

Lecture Recent gardens

Herberg 'Gasthof Den Engel', Gits

Lecture by William Lievens, Jan Debusschere, Philip Cardinael, Wilfried Vandeghinste, Jan Dewitte & Dhr. Puttman

Herberg 'Gasthof Den Engel', Gits

Lecture own work by Max Kerkhof, Ansfried Vandekerkhove, Luc Maes & Franky Maes

Herberg 'Gasthof Den Engel', Gits

Trip architectural projects in the city and the university area /06/1981

Liège + Sart Tilman

Two-day trip to architectural projects in Liege area.

Lecture different aspects

Herberg 'Gasthof Den Engel', Gits

End series of houses with 3 facades (not to be confused with sales) Slides + discussion: projects of Philippe Cardinael, Ansfried Vandekerkhove, William Lievens & Marcel Molleman.

Lecture Gardenarchitecture

Herberg 'Gasthof Den Engel', Gits

Lecture by multiple members of 'archipel' about own work

Herberg 'Gasthof Den Engel', Gits

The rowhouse offers one of the only forms of housing which offered in the past an urban sollution and wich will offer responsible solutions in the future. For a rowhouse, the problem of integration or “confrontation” can not be not circumvented.