Experience architecture!

Countries: Belgium 211-220 / 223

Lecture Recent gardens

Herberg 'Gasthof Den Engel', Gits

Lecture by William Lievens, Jan Debusschere, Philip Cardinael, Wilfried Vandeghinste, Jan Dewitte & Dhr. Puttman

Herberg 'Gasthof Den Engel', Gits

Lecture own work by Max Kerkhof, Ansfried Vandekerkhove, Luc Maes & Franky Maes

Herberg 'Gasthof Den Engel', Gits

Trip architectural projects in the city and the university area /06/1981

Liège + Sart Tilman

Two-day trip to architectural projects in Liege area.

Lecture different aspects

Herberg 'Gasthof Den Engel', Gits

End series of houses with 3 facades (not to be confused with sales) Slides + discussion: projects of Philippe Cardinael, Ansfried Vandekerkhove, William Lievens & Marcel Molleman.