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Countries: Belgium 21-30 / 215

Lecture Festival of polyphony

Concertgebouw (Kamermuziekzaal), Brugge

Hubert De Witte (director Musea Brugge) dives into the history of the church, after which Hera Van Sande (employee Toyo Ito pavilion Burg, Bruges 2002) indicates the importance of this place as muse for the pavilion of Toyo Ito.

Lecture Making the architectural space

Abdij Roosenberg, Waasmunster

For 30 years, the Dutch Benedictine monk and architect Dom Hans van der Laan taught practicing architects. His lessons were devoted to a deeper quest: to record the foundations of architecture once and for all.

Lecture An Architectural Anthology | RobbrechtenDaem

Lantaarntoren Concertgebouw, Brugge

The book offers a comprehensive overview of the work of Robbrecht and Daem architects from the early eighties to the present. Why there are ’5 Themes, 9 Key Projects, 11 Titles, 49 Voices, 63 Projects, 75 Glosses’ etc .. etc ..

Miscellaneous For a respectful, sustainable renovation and redevelopment of the municipal swimming pool in Ostend

On January 11, 2016 the Ostend city council decided to discontinue the ongoing bouwmeester- procedure for the renovation of the Ostend municipal pool. The pool complex (architects Paul Felix and Jan Tanghe, designed in 1967-71, built in 1972-76) was on the Flemish Inventory for Architectural Heritage, and was given a high locus value in Ostend plan Architectural Heritage. Archipel launched a petition for an adapted reuse.

Lecture Natura Naturans (Vers une nature)

Stadsbibliotheek De Krook (Zaal De Blauwe Vogel), Gent

The opening of the public library ‘De Krook’ gives Archipel the opportunity to focus on the work of Coussée and Goris architects. After a tour in the building, a lecture will follow with the title “Natura Naturans (vers une nature)”.

Trip Along Flemish roads #02 /10/2017

In real pioneer style, we draw with camera, sketchbook and valies in the hand of Leuven, Flemish Brabant, Hageland, Haspengouw, Hasselt, Limburg and Antwerp Kempen to Antwerp or vice versa.

Lecture Metamorphosis: transformations / adjustments in Bruges

Concertgebouw (kamermuziekzaal), Brugge

Music and Architecture! Now that a fresh and sparkling wind is blowing through Bruges, we hope that the architectural perception of the People of Bruges is stimulated through the architectural quality of these seven examples.

Lecture Poëtry of Daily Dignity, Gent

In the Archipel program PechaKucha becomes a true tradition. The previous 3 editions gave 33 young Flemish agencies a platform for a very young and numerous audience. In this fourth edition, another 10 young agencies presents their work in the special format.

Visit Archipelmovie: Poetry of the Everyday

Concertgebouw, Brugge

The Bruges Concert Hall becomes an open house. In 2002 the Concert Hall opened his doors. The architectural pearl of Robbrecht & Daem architects became a vibrant meeting place for art lovers, artists and the corporate business world local and from abroad. 15 years later, more precisely from September 2017, the Concert Hall reveals its secrets even during daytime.