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Countries: Belgium 21-30 / 210

Trip Along Flemish roads #02 /10/2017

In real pioneer style, we draw with camera, sketchbook and valies in the hand of Leuven, Flemish Brabant, Hageland, Haspengouw, Hasselt, Limburg and Antwerp Kempen to Antwerp or vice versa.

Lecture Metamorphosis: transformations / adjustments in Bruges

Concertgebouw (kamermuziekzaal), Brugge

Music and Architecture! Now that a fresh and sparkling wind is blowing through Bruges, we hope that the architectural perception of the People of Bruges is stimulated through the architectural quality of these seven examples.

Lecture Poëtry of Daily Dignity, Gent

In the Archipel program PechaKucha becomes a true tradition. The previous 3 editions gave 33 young Flemish agencies a platform for a very young and numerous audience. In this fourth edition, another 10 young agencies presents their work in the special format.

Visit Archipelmovie: Poetry of the Everyday

Concertgebouw, Brugge

The Bruges Concert Hall becomes an open house. In 2002 the Concert Hall opened his doors. The architectural pearl of Robbrecht & Daem architects became a vibrant meeting place for art lovers, artists and the corporate business world local and from abroad. 15 years later, more precisely from September 2017, the Concert Hall reveals its secrets even during daytime.

Lecture Flanders Monument Day | 3 projects

Hoofdkwartier Wit-Gele Kruis, Gent (Ledeberg)

Three renovation projects that managed to deal with heritage in a modern way. Three projects explained and analyzed by their architects in all the details.

Visit How a city works on its identity

Oosteroever, Oostende

The East Bank in Oostende is a complex area containing a port, a dune landscape, an existing residential area and the redevelopment of an existing port and industrial area. This area should develop into a full-fledged district that adds a new character to Oostende: an asymmetry in the central harbor.

Trip Along Flemish roads # 01 /05/2017

West & Oost-Vlaanderen +West- Vlaams-Brabant,

This spring we’re off on a journey, not on an exotic destination like Chandigarh or Naoshima, but to the Flemish hinterland where the names of the hamlets vaguely sounds familiar and where cyclists tracks are guiding us.

Lecture Size doesn't matter

Kloosterkapel van de Zusters Paulinen, Kortrijk

The work of Studio Lens ° Ass architects testifies simultaneously a strong conceptual approach and a mastery of the chosen materials. The “everyday” is raised by an intensive interaction with matter, in detail, with spaciousness, where the boundaries are scanned clearly. It will be a lecture with great stories about small and intense projects.

Lecture Robbrecht & Daem, Dierendonckblancke and MDW/V+

Site VRT & RTBF, Brussel

Both VRT and RTBF will build a new house. Provisional houses both broadcasters still together. In the future they will each sit in a separate broadcasting building, and this side by side on the same site on the Reyerslaan in Brussels. Both agencies present their project and discuss about the meeting of two buildings on the site.