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Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis, Brussel

Henry Van de Velde is perhaps the most important Belgian architect ever. In 2013 he is back in the spotlights: 150 years after his birth. A jubilee year. We visit the exhibitions in Brussels “Henry van de Velde – Passion Function Beauty”, “Letters of Architects” and a few of his achievements.

Visit Gardens by Christian Vermander

Diverse locaties,

Visit of historic and contemporary gardens and parks, large-scale and small fine interventions … truly a walk through several rooms and atmospheres.

Lecture Types en taferelen

Project Zebrastraat - paarse projectiezaal, Gent

ONO is a surprisingly young and talented office in Antwerp, which kneads space to extraordinarily elegant appearances and enriching spatial effects.

Lecture by Sven Sterken

Condertgebouw Brugge, Brugge

In 1956 Philips commissioned Le Corbusier to build a pavilion for the Expo 1958 in Brussels. Le Corbusier decided to create an “electronic poem” about the technological development of mankind.

Lecture by Francis Strauven

CC De Grote Post (voormalig PTT gebouw), Oostende

Modernism versus traditionalism in the Belgian architecture. Especially on the coastline of Belgium.

Lecture 'De Grote Post' in Ostend

CC De Grote Post (voormalig PTT gebouw van Gaston Eysselinck), Oostende

Lecture on the occasion of the opening of the cultural center “Grote Post” in Ostend. In order to make the building a vibrant cultural center, B-Architects realizes in the courtyard of the building a public space: an open-air theater.

Lecture by Marc Dubois

CC De Grote Post (voormalig PTT), Oostende

Ghent architect Eysselinck is a central figure in the Belgian architecture of the interwar period. The post office building in Ostend (1945-1952) is undeniably his magnum opus and a masterpiece of Belgian architecture of the 20th century.

Lecture Works

Project Zebrastraat - expovleugel, Gent

Verstuyft however does not seem to explicitly deal with theoretical considerations. His work is design and high image value of its architecture is simply due to a perfect control.

Lecture by Christian Kieckens

Auditorium Oehoe, E1, Gent

The architect draws his passion for Swiss architecture through his own work, which shows a strong affinity with contemporary Swiss architecture.

Lecture Conversation between Paul Robbrecht and director Peter Verhelst

Concertgebouw, Brugge

A conversation on their readings of the building, about their views on architecture, on the role of art and architecture, about their encounter. You can learn more in this double talk that will be moderated by Jan Florizoone.