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Countries: Germany 21-27 / 27

Lecture by Hilde Heynen

't Leerhuys, Brugge

Adolf Loos’s architecture is in a very concise way “modern” because it recognizes both the coercive power and the inevitability of modernization, and the other still holds on to the habitability and attempt to create a certain harmony. The architecture of Ernst May and Das Neue Frankfurt is on a completely different way ‘modern’.

Miscellaneous by Edwin Foubert


Through Berlin from East to West, from the 20s to the 80s a journey full of dangers: VOPO, lighting girls, Germans and even architects seeking the Holy Fire. The march a semi-religious classic in Berlin, Hauptstadt der DDR.

Trip Internationale Bauaustellung 1987 /1987

Berlin & Wolfsburg

The confrontation with this Berlin, this part of west island as in East Germany, is a shocking experience. Nowhere are the political contradictions so keenly felt as here. A feeling that each of us must experience to feel the relativity of force, as it is played so great on both sides of the barriers.

Debate with Sieg Vlaeminck, Marc Dubois & Dirk Manesse

't Leerhuys, Brugge

A major construction operation which is ongoing since 1980. An operation in two parts: “IBA-new” and “IBA-old”. Modern and post-modern new building, next to restoration and rehalibitatie. Programs in which some 4,000 homes were designed.

Debate with Sieg Vlaeminck, Jo Crepain, Marco Bollen, Pierre Huygebaert & Jaak Janssens

't Leerhuys, Brugge

In 1982 Jo Crepain launched a cry for attention for architectural competitions: “In Belgium, we are nowhere. In the country where the profession and the title of architect are best protected, least is done for architecture.”

Trip München-Gladbach, Frankfurt, Köln... /06/1985

München-Gladbach, Frankfurt, Köln...

A varied program with the recent architectural landscape of Hollein, the valiant expressionism of Bohm in the 60s, the Japanese purism of Mayekawa and the postmodern collages by Guchez and Numez.