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Tags: landscape 11-20 / 23

Lecture Country vs. Landscape

Project Zebrastraat, Gent

Bas Smets makes a game of it. He gives and shows the structure of its design layer by laye, therefor every step and every decision taken seems obvious and rational.

Lecture Theatre reassurance

Project Zebrastraat, Gent

The landscape is a battlefield of interests. Everyone projects their own intentions or desires.

Visit Walcheren, Netherlands

Zeeland: Walcheren,

Apart from a few exceptions, we are visiting mostly urban or neighborhood gardens that fit perfectly with their surroundings and which have mostly old plantation.

Lecture own work

Cinema Lumière, Brugge

In their poetic designs for landscapes, parks, urban squares in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and England they leave the traditional patterns behind and they introduced new contemporary typologies.

Trip Stations of god in France /06/1997

Giverny, Varengeville...

A combination of contemporary architecture, late-19th century architecture and attention to landscape and garden design

Visit five gardens

Assebroek, Oostkamp, Jabbeke, Sint-Michiels, Brugge

A gardentrip in the surroundings of Bruges, where five gardens are visited. Very diverse gardens in mood, scale, character, structure, architecture.

Visit houses Arthur De Geyter + gardens Paul Deroose

Sint-Andries, Zedelgem, Jabbeke, Marke, Aalbeke, Tiegem, Waregem

Visiting recidences by architect Arthur De Geyter and gardens by landscape architect Paul De Roose in Sint-Andries, Zedelgem, Jabbeke, Marke, Aalbeke, Tiegem and Waregem.

Trip A lesson in humility /05/1993

København, Odense...

Denmark is a country with an exceptionally high architectural culture. An architectural culture that can be described as a “lesson in humility.”

Lecture by Guy Laurant

't Leerhuys, Brugge

The Japanese garden is a concrete and accurate representation of the fundamental relationship between Man and Nature. The garden is a feast for the eyes. The eye perceives and recognizes certain signs.

Debate with Sieg Vlaeminck, Piet Bekaert, Arend van der Horst, Jean Delogne & Jef Degryse

't Leerhuys, Brugge

A series of dazzling slides by Piet Bekaert and with commentary by Arend Jan Van Der Horst give us a picture of several gardens in Belgium and abroad.