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Film Directed by Ben Wheatley

Studio Skoop, Gent

High-Rise is a film adaptation of the novel by J.G. Ballard from 1975, who sees the building as a microcosm for the class struggle. The fantastic design makes High-Rise a quality film. The strong acting and the ingenious music choices also make the film a party.

Lecture Own work by Filip Dujardin

Auditorium Quetelet, Gent

Filip Dujardin plays with the boundaries between photography, architectural photography, architecture and architectural fiction. He describes it himself as “a multimedia exploration of the essence of architecture,” replacing the pixel with brick.

Lecture Danish Design Days

Deense Ambassade, Brussel

In February Archipel supports an initiative of the Danish Embassy and the Danish Cultural Institute. During the Danish Design Days there will be an exhibition about Danish design at Tour & Taxis in Brussels. Archipel participates in one lecture.

Visit How a city works on its identity

Oosteroever, Oostende

The East Bank in Oostende is a complex area containing a port, a dune landscape, an existing residential area and the redevelopment of an existing port and industrial area. This area should develop into a full-fledged district that adds a new character to Oostende: an asymmetry in the central harbor.

Visit Architectural discoveries in the city


In collaboration with the city development company sogent, we organize a exploratory bike ride through the city. Starting from the critical question: How functions the urban policy on urban development and property management in Ghent?

Debate 1st city debate 'Bruges makes space'

Hoofdbibliotheek Biekorf, Brugge

The City of Bruges organizes this fall along with Archipel and Vormingplus three city debates following the presentation of the new spatial plan for Bruges. Together with experts and the policy debates on the six city images that form the core of a new spatial vision. Per debate two issues are kept under the light.

Lecture by Filip Canfyn

Minus One, Gent

In his latest book Filip Canfyn explains a link between the spatial living behavior and the associated policy or non-policy, in other words, the allotement in Flanders and, secondly, the sociological the groundcurrent and the corresponding attitude, in other words, the middleclass-ization.

Lecture An urban visionary

Concertgebouw Brugge, Brugge

What does sustainability mean when we talk about cities and public space? Is it enough to work with sustainable materials or argue for pedestrians and cyclists? Are cities that are built on a human scale by definition sustainable? And what does this mean in practice for the designer of public space?

Film Architecture and urbanism

Kunstencentrum Vrijstaat O., Oostende

Despite the almost elemental relationship between the film and the urban, there are surprisingly few attempts to map the relationship between the cinematic representations of the urban space and the social, material and inhabited areas in which they are embedded.

Trip two urbanistic visions /10/2014

Le Havre & Nantes

Discover two very different urban development projects: a modernist approach in Le Havre and a contemporary approach in Nantes. Along the way we see some interesting projects in Rouen, Saint-Nazaire and Paris.