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Lecture Festival of polyphony

Concertgebouw (Kamermuziekzaal), Brugge

Hubert De Witte (director Musea Brugge) dives into the history of the church, after which Hera Van Sande (employee Toyo Ito pavilion Burg, Bruges 2002) indicates the importance of this place as muse for the pavilion of Toyo Ito.

Lecture Flanders Monument Day | 3 projects

Hoofdkwartier Wit-Gele Kruis, Gent (Ledeberg)

Three renovation projects that managed to deal with heritage in a modern way. Three projects explained and analyzed by their architects in all the details.

Debate triennial Bruges 2015

Vriendenzaal van de musea, Brugge

A debate with famous architects – moderated by architect and urbanist Marc Martens – giving their story about dealing with heritage. The panel will include noA architects, Dertien 12, Urbain Architectencollectief & Adrian D’Halluin (Baumschlager-Eberle)

Lecture by Thomas Bo Jensen (DK)

Campus Sint-Lucas Gent - Auditorium A4, Gent

Bricks are known as a building material in Denmark and indeed throughout Scandinavia during the past 900 years. The longevity and the fact that the materials are combustible, has made that bricks have gradually replaced wooden houses in the cities.

Lecture by Dirk De Meyer

VLM-Zaal, Brugge

Czech architecture of the years 1910-1930 is more than a footnote on the canonical outline of a Western Eurocentric architecture historiography.

Lecture by Dirk De Meyer

Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Gent

Giambattista Piranesi was a Venetian architect and etcher who became famous for his graphic work that he made in Rome. The most famous part of his oeuvre are the large format prints of Roman cityscapes and the series of dark Carceri or dungeons.

Debate Remake of the Vieux-Brugesdebate from 1930

Auditorium Europacollege, Brugge

End of March 1930 a highly acclaimed evening debate in Bruges was organized with the theme “Should we build in Bruges in modern style??
The theme is still relevant. Repeating this debate with equal speakers is a challenge!

Visit Daytrip

Centraal Station, Brussel

Brussels is the European city with the richest and especially the most diverse Art Nouveau heritage. Some 500 buildings and facades along the streets and squares illustrate the talents of the great architects from the end of the 19th century, especially Victor Horta.

Lecture by Gilbert Decouvreur

't Leerhuys, Brugge

Poelzig is a robust piece of nature, pristine and original. He moved casual in his rooms, he spoke with a unobstructed and natural voice as of a child.

Trip From Palladio to Scarpa /05/1997

Vicenza, Verona, Venezia...

Central place in this trip is Vicenza, the center of the achievements of Palladio. The significance of Palladio for the Western architectural history is significant. The main theme of the trip is the work of Carlo Scarpa.