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Trip From Palladio to Scarpa /05/1997

Vicenza, Verona, Venezia...

Central place in this trip is Vicenza, the center of the achievements of Palladio. The significance of Palladio for the Western architectural history is significant. The main theme of the trip is the work of Carlo Scarpa.

Lecture by Gilbert Decouvreur

't Leerhuys, Brugge

Exactly 100 years ago, Otto Wagner published at the age of fifty four his first book “Moderne Architektur” as newly appointed professor at the architectureschool of Vienna. Two years later, the work of his students was published under the title “Aus der Schule Wagner.

Trip the ideal industrial city + le Notre Dame du Haut /09/1995

Arc et Senans, Besançon, Ronchamp, Arc et Senans, Besançon, Ronchamp...

La Saline Royale, de Claude-Nicolas Ledoux + Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp (1950) Le Corbusier.

Visit The interwar period in Brussels


We visit various interiors that are normally never accessible. The pool interior of the Residence Palace, the N.I.R. interior and more.

Lecture recent work in Bruges, Leuven & Hasselt

't Leerhuys, Brugge

The three case studies are dealing with creative restorations in which the designers were commissioned to restore a monument and at the same time to give a new function for which it has never served.

Lecture by Adriaan Linters

voormalige scheepswerf 'Beliard*-Murdoch, Oostende

In all our cities and towns are the relics that testify to the industrious creativity and commitment with which our direct ancestors introduced our prosperity. Flanders seems to have little or no respect for this.

Lecture by Raf De Saeger

't Leerhuys, Brugge

Christian Norberg-Schulz (Oslo) is a monument in the field of architectural theory and the scientific approach to architecture. The focus on the theoretical development is checked permanently by Norberg-Schulz in the history of architecture.

Visit Brussels


The Horta Buildings Hotel Solvay, Hotel van Eetvelde and the magazins Waucquez are recently renovated. Hence a onedaytrip to these architectural gems.