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Lecture Liquid City 6: MFS III — Minne Floating School

Concertgebouw - Concertzaal, Brugge

The Nigerian architect Kunlé Adeyemi (1976, Lagos) is known internationally for his socio-ecological projects on the African continent.
The Triennial ends with a presentation in the large concert hall of the Concertgebouw by Kunlé Adeyemi, who will talk about his work.

Lecture Liquid City 5: House of Time

House of Time, Brugge

House of Time is a long-term project that was launched by the German architectural firm raumlabor, in collaboration with local partners such as Brugge(n) voor jongeren and Bolwerk.

Visit The fluent city


In tow in a guided tour through the city center to discover the installations of the Triennale with an experienced guide.

Lecture Festival of polyphony

Concertgebouw (Kamermuziekzaal), Brugge

Hubert De Witte (director Musea Brugge) dives into the history of the church, after which Hera Van Sande (employee Toyo Ito pavilion Burg, Bruges 2002) indicates the importance of this place as muse for the pavilion of Toyo Ito.

Lecture Metamorphosis: transformations / adjustments in Bruges

Concertgebouw (kamermuziekzaal), Brugge

Music and Architecture! Now that a fresh and sparkling wind is blowing through Bruges, we hope that the architectural perception of the People of Bruges is stimulated through the architectural quality of these seven examples.

Debate 3rd City debate 'Bruges makes space'

Howest Campus Sint Jorisstraat, Brugge

The third city debate focuses on the urban images’ The romantic city – space to seduce ‘and’ the resilient city by the sea – space to flow.

Debate 2nd city debate 'Bruges makes space'

Sint-Lodewijkscollege, Brugge

How does Bruges deal with the growing demand for specific facilities? How can Bruges avoid the threatening split between young and old by no longer offering sectoral solutions, but just focusing on what we can do together better?

Debate 1st city debate 'Bruges makes space'

Hoofdbibliotheek Biekorf, Brugge

The City of Bruges organizes this fall along with Archipel and Vormingplus three city debates following the presentation of the new spatial plan for Bruges. Together with experts and the policy debates on the six city images that form the core of a new spatial vision. Per debate two issues are kept under the light.

Lecture Own Work

Concertzaal Concertgebouw, Brugge

Atelier Bow-Wow belongs to the selection of renowned international artists and architects who were challenged specifically for the triennial to create new work that will be integrated into the public space.

Miscellaneous Discussion with Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Atelier Bow-Wow)

Canal Swimmer’s Club, Brugge

Yoshiharu Tsukamoto come to Bruges to take a dip in the water from the platform and, in the evening, to give the public his unique vision on dealing with urban public space.