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Miscellaneous For a respectful, sustainable renovation and redevelopment of the municipal swimming pool in Ostend

On January 11, 2016 the Ostend city council decided to discontinue the ongoing bouwmeester- procedure for the renovation of the Ostend municipal pool. The pool complex (architects Paul Felix and Jan Tanghe, designed in 1967-71, built in 1972-76) was on the Flemish Inventory for Architectural Heritage, and was given a high locus value in Ostend plan Architectural Heritage. Archipel launched a petition for an adapted reuse.

Debate Spatial Series #4

Timelab, Gent

On the basis of concrete cases, Jan Leyssens shows how space influences behavior, afterwards to enter into dialogue with the audience to find out how Timelab should be shaped from its temporal and value framework.

Visit Archipelmovie: Poetry of the Everyday

Concertgebouw, Brugge

The Bruges Concert Hall becomes an open house. In 2002 the Concert Hall opened his doors. The architectural pearl of Robbrecht & Daem architects became a vibrant meeting place for art lovers, artists and the corporate business world local and from abroad. 15 years later, more precisely from September 2017, the Concert Hall reveals its secrets even during daytime.

Debate Building Mastery in Flanders

Auditorium Quetelet (Universiteit Gent), Gent

Once the bouwmeesterschap was created to display the architectural policy in Flanders form from a long-term response to the little concerted and often chaotic policy that existed in Flanders. An interview between Bob van Reeth and Leo Van Broec* on the impact of a vision. Filip Canfyn moderates.

Lecture Architecture criticism in Flanders since Geert Bekaert.

Bibliotheek vakgroep Architectuur en Stedenbouw, Gent

“Geert Bekaert learned Flanders watch architecture. The critic and teacher died at the age of 88. In more than a thousand drawing he defended architecture as a matter of common sense.” As a form of homage we see in February the role of architectural criticism in the current architectural climate.

Debate Spatial Series #3

Timelab, Gent

How to create and change a space where those commons is? Suppose that anyone can become part owner of a piece of architecture. Like this, a common ground is created, an open and versatile space where anyone can propose.

Debate Spatial Series #2

Timelab, Gent

Suppose that anyone can become part owner of a piece of architecture. Together we determine the form and content of this space. For example, a common ground created an open and versatile space where anyone can propose.

Miscellaneous Built-Eat!

Budafabriek, Kortrijk

For the fourth time Archipel organizes a workshop with children, daddies and mommies following the Children’s arts day. On that day families with children under 12 in Flanders and Brussels to meets art. By us the art of architecture.

Debate Spatial Series #1

De Punt, Gentbrugge

Debate with Lars Fischer and Rachel Himmelfarb from Common Room and Parasite 2.0 with Eugenio Cosentino.

Lecture by Georges Teyssot

Auditorium A2 Campus Sint-Lucas, Gent

Seeing, perceiving, viewing, envisioning: each is a form of framing that mediates between inside and outside, public and private, what is evident and what is hidden.