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Trip Fundamentals /11/2014


The exhibition has evolved into a major research project which involves a lot of preparation time. Rem Koolhaas needed twice as much time as usual and asked the Biennale to last twice as long.

Miscellaneous a film by Maarten Vanden Abeele /11/2014

Concertgebouw, Brugge

Is it not true that architecture should be a slow job? With an installation with various time-lapse recordings one can discover an architectural gem of Marie-José Van Hee Architects in various scales. A mental framework of peace gives the viewer time.

Lecture Own work

Budafabriek, Kortrijk

Studio Weave, a young, energetic and extravagant architectural firm from London balancing between a positive open approach and a technical precision. They love to study peculiarities to isolate strengths and they transform it into something different with completely new qualities. Their work flirts with architecture, art, design and public space.

Miscellaneous Toyo Ito NTB


In Memoriam
This week a fine article was published by Domus, written by Matthias Van Rossen about the impotence to unite contemporary architecture and Bruges.

Miscellaneous Buildings as children

Budafabriek, Kortrijk

Art, architecture and planning are evidently part of the world of children and young people. Yet only sporadically they are addressed in a conscious way. Archipel is organizing a workshop for children under 12 years

Lecture International workshop in the framework of "Vooruit 100".

Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Gent

The Cultural Centre VOORUIT is this year 100 years old: The many associations, workers, artists and visitors who felt once home are placed in the spotlight. This international workshop reflects on buildings with a social memory.

Miscellaneous Toyo Ito NTB


Under pressure from the Bruges public opinion, and after patiently political lobbying, the pavilion of Toyo Ito was downgraded, against the advice of the Heritage administration.

Lecture by Thomas Bo Jensen (DK)

Campus Sint-Lucas Gent - Auditorium A4, Gent

Bricks are known as a building material in Denmark and indeed throughout Scandinavia during the past 900 years. The longevity and the fact that the materials are combustible, has made that bricks have gradually replaced wooden houses in the cities.

Lecture by Sven Sterken

Condertgebouw Brugge, Brugge

In 1956 Philips commissioned Le Corbusier to build a pavilion for the Expo 1958 in Brussels. Le Corbusier decided to create an “electronic poem” about the technological development of mankind.

Trip Common ground /11/2012

Giardini - Biennale, Venezia

David Chipperfield is the first Briton in the history of the Venice Architecture Biennale that has the honor to coordinate the largest architecture exhibition in the world. Chipperfield received the 2011 Mies Van Der Rohe Award for the renovation of the Neues Museum in Berlin.