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Miscellaneous Brussels Design September /09/2012

Vola showroom, Tour & Taxis, Brussel

Within the framework of Brussels Design September 2012 and in collaboration with vola we are presenting a homemade medley with film clips of architectural scenes.

Lecture Conversation between Paul Robbrecht and director Peter Verhelst

Concertgebouw, Brugge

A conversation on their readings of the building, about their views on architecture, on the role of art and architecture, about their encounter. You can learn more in this double talk that will be moderated by Jan Florizoone.

Film Movie Clips. Succession of architectural scenes.

Kunstencentrum Vrijstaat O., Oostende

Numerous buildings appear in movies as background of a plot. A fragment of a city, a building, a room get inextricably linked to certain scenes. What happens if the architecture itself becomes a protagonist?

Lecture Conversation between artist BenoƮt van Innis, noA Architects and art critic Jan Florizoone

Stadhuis Menen, Menen

Numerous interventions in buildings and public spaces play in a surprising way with the context, as well as to narrow as to broaden the relationship between the two. In a conversation the relationship between art and architecture.

Visit Daytrip to Brussels

Bozar, Brussel

We visit David Adjaye’s Geo-Graphic exhibition at Bozar. Afterwards we visit the Theatre Broncks MDMA – Martine De Maeseneer and The Zipper – Erasmus University College Brussels VBM architects.

Film Working

De Biekorf, Brugge

Terenja van Dijk brings an in-depth lecture on the explicit use of architecture in her film oeuvre. The attractive, open and honest communication of topics, insights and information is central to the work of this fascinating film and exhibition maker.

Film about Nigeria

't Leerhuys, Brugge

A documentary about self-organization and urbanization in Nigeria, in collaboration with architect Rem Koolhaas and the Harvard Project on the City.

Lecture by Kristiaan Van Weert

't Leerhuys, Brugge

“Blob” literally stands for Binary Large Object, an object consisting of a large amount of data. The term is applied in everyday use at any futuristically designed architecture with double curved surfaces in the facade and/or roof.

Lecture by Adriaan Linters

voormalige scheepswerf 'Beliard*-Murdoch, Oostende

In all our cities and towns are the relics that testify to the industrious creativity and commitment with which our direct ancestors introduced our prosperity. Flanders seems to have little or no respect for this.