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Lecture Wim Denslagen (NL)

Sint-Autbertuskerk, Monasterium PoortAckere, Gent

Do we restore the original state or an historically important intermediate phase or do we preserve a building as it is today? A question that concerns many architects. How do we deal with memories in architecture?

Lecture Lecture with New Year's drink

Theaterzaal Ledeberg, Gent

On the occasion of the annual theme PALIMPSEST, Archipel invited Sofie De Caigny, director of the VAi, to explain the booklet Unfinished Past. You are most welcome at the start of the new working year with accompa-nying reception!

Miscellaneous Symposium-day Living a drift

KASK, School of Arts, Gent

Archipel likes to build bridges to other domains of society. Archipel is venturing into new territory. In collaboration with the Belgian-Dutch Foundation for Psychoanalysis and Culture, founded in 1990, we investigate the link to architecture.

Lecture From harmony to chaos: Le Corbusier, Varèse, Xenakis and le poème électronique

Concertgebouw - Kamermuziekzaal, Brugge

Poème Electronique by architect-painter Le Corbusier, composer Edgard Varèse and architect-composer Iannis Xenakis was the multimedia sensation of Expo ’58. From the outset, however, client Philips had his own idea about the play of color, light and sound. Architect Jan de Heer and composer Kees Tazelaar made an accurate analysis of Le Corbusier’s original, never executed scenario in Van harmonie tot chaos. They bring their story and their completely new overwhelming reconstruction.

Lecture Liquid City 2: Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

Concertgebouw - Kamermuziekzaal, Brugge

Anthropologist Anna Tsing gives a presentation on her research into invasive species. Rotor initiates.

Debate Liquid City 1: Zygmunt Bauman

Stadsschouwburg, Brugge

The transition from ‘fixed’ to ‘liquid’ modernity has created a whole new situation in Western societies and poses challenges to man that he has never faced before.

Lecture About tradition and mastery

Theaterzaal Ledeberg, Gent

The mastery in Japan defies all imagination. Not only in the control of the architectural space, choice of materials and masterful detailing, but also in the surrender of knowledge.

Lecture An Architectural Anthology | RobbrechtenDaem

Lantaarntoren Concertgebouw, Brugge

The book offers a comprehensive overview of the work of Robbrecht and Daem architects from the early eighties to the present. Why there are ’5 Themes, 9 Key Projects, 11 Titles, 49 Voices, 63 Projects, 75 Glosses’ etc .. etc ..

Miscellaneous For a respectful, sustainable renovation and redevelopment of the municipal swimming pool in Ostend

On January 11, 2016 the Ostend city council decided to discontinue the ongoing bouwmeester- procedure for the renovation of the Ostend municipal pool. The pool complex (architects Paul Felix and Jan Tanghe, designed in 1967-71, built in 1972-76) was on the Flemish Inventory for Architectural Heritage, and was given a high locus value in Ostend plan Architectural Heritage. Archipel launched a petition for an adapted reuse.

Debate Spatial Series #4

Timelab, Gent

On the basis of concrete cases, Jan Leyssens shows how space influences behavior, afterwards to enter into dialogue with the audience to find out how Timelab should be shaped from its temporal and value framework.