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Exhibition Le Corbusier/Chandigarh : : Kortrijk/Eurometropole /2013

Budafabriek, Kortrijk

This exhibition shows the background story and the evolution of the modernist city of Chandigarh, exposes the real life in modernity through beautiful pictures, and let the Archipel travellers talk about their experiences and visions.

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Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis, Brussel

Henry Van de Velde is perhaps the most important Belgian architect ever. In 2013 he is back in the spotlights: 150 years after his birth. A jubilee year. We visit the exhibitions in Brussels “Henry van de Velde – Passion Function Beauty”, “Letters of Architects” and a few of his achievements.

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A day trip to the pavilion and the Krefeld period of one of the major icons of twentieth century architecture.

Lecture by Luc Deleu (T.O.P. Office)

Auditorium Oehoe, E1, Gent

A strong piece of European modernism in traditional India. In 1950, Le Corbusier designed a complete city. After the problematic partition of British India Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru wanted a new capital for the Indian states of Punjab and Haryana, “unhampered by the traditions of the past.”

Trip the Indian subcontinent /02/2013

Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh + Dhaka

Chandigarh was the reason for the architectural exploration trough a fraction of ‘the Indian subcontinent. What remains after this quest and takes root, is to have discovered the feeling of “essence”.

Lecture by Sven Sterken

Condertgebouw Brugge, Brugge

In 1956 Philips commissioned Le Corbusier to build a pavilion for the Expo 1958 in Brussels. Le Corbusier decided to create an “electronic poem” about the technological development of mankind.

Lecture by Francis Strauven

CC De Grote Post (voormalig PTT gebouw), Oostende

Modernism versus traditionalism in the Belgian architecture. Especially on the coastline of Belgium.

Lecture by Marc Dubois

CC De Grote Post (voormalig PTT), Oostende

Ghent architect Eysselinck is a central figure in the Belgian architecture of the interwar period. The post office building in Ostend (1945-1952) is undeniably his magnum opus and a masterpiece of Belgian architecture of the 20th century.

Visit in Eke, Sint-Martens Latem & Astene

Architect Luc De Vos, former student and collaborator of Juliaan and one of the driving forces in the npo Juliaan Lampens opens up some amazing doors. If there are doors?

Miscellaneous Action to preserve Chandigarh

Chandigarh, the ideal city of Le Corbusier is slowly robbed.