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Film by Terenja Van Dijk

Film-Plateau Gent, Gent

Three houses around Turnhout are covered, three unique houses of the late modern architects from Turnhout, Belgium: Paul Neefs, Lou Jansen and the office Vanhout-Schellekens.

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In 2010 Renaat Braem would have been 100. Reason enough to rediscover the built and written work of this acclaimed architect.

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The construction in 1966 of the house was achieved in six months, thanks to the use of a metal framework and a thoughtful floor plan consisting of a simple rectangular plan with symmetrical layout.

Lecture by Paul Meurs (NL)

De Biekorf, Brugge

The relocation of the capital of Brazil from Rio de Janeiro to a place on the vast Central Plateau had a mythic dimension. The pioneers, led by President Juscelino Kubitschek, gave in just one thousand days shape to a city which was the model for the future of the country.

Film Filmavond

Filmplateau, Gent

Oscar Niemeyer – An architect committed to his century (by Belgian filmmaker Marc-Henri Wajnberg)
Lina Bo Bardi – Go to Bahia Lina had told him (by the Dutch VPRO, where ‘him’ stands for Aldo van Eyck)

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De Biekorf, Brugge

This trip is a real discovery. In the foothsteps of Pedro Álvares Cabral we try to unveil the architectural secrets of this continent.

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Sanatorium Joseph Lemaire, Overijse

Is the Modernist masterpiece threatened? On September 30, 1937 the Sanatorium Joseph Lemaire, designed by architect Maxime Brunfaut was opened under international interest.

Trip /09/2009

Villa Tugendhat by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in Brno and Villa Müller (both 1928-1930) by Adolf Loos in Prague are topping the ‘billboard’.

Visit house + film 'Science Fiction'


The impressive house (1968) by architect Axel Ghyssaert acted in early 2002 as a unique backdrop for the youth film ‘Science Fiction’ by director Dany Deprez who got of attention with his magical-realist film debut “The ball”.