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Tags: modernism 71-75 / 75

Lecture by Marc Dubois + Visit + Exhibition

PMMK, Oostende

About the work of Eysselinck in the period 1945-1953 in Ostend. During this time he uncomprehended surpasses the postwar building in Belgium with buildings as the SEO department store and the post office. A period of opposition, too, that finally resulted in fatal disillusionment and suicide.

Visit multiple works

Westmalle, Heverlee, Willebroek...

An architectural tour as a tribute to Marc Dessauvage. This trip is a unique opportunity to visit a number of vertices from his oeuvre and to situate its meaning. The work is striking, not by some kind of extravagance and originality, but by the intrinsic quality of his approach.

Lecture own work

'De Comedie', Roeselare

Despite all attempts and sometimes satisfactory results, limited as they were, proved unable our architecture to give an individual character or an international value. However, it would not be fair to limit themselves to this pessimism, because just the last few years, one can recognize the premises of a renewal.

Lecture by Marc Dubois

Herberg 'Gasthof Den Engel', Gits

In 1926 Terragni founded together with six colleagues, the “Gruppo 7”. In several articles they expressed themselves as followers of the Italian Rationalism.