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Lecture Filipe Magalhães & Ana Luisa Soares

XXL van Kortrijk Xpo, Kortrijk

Fala Atelier is an enthusiastic young agency from Portugal that transforms small and non-obvious spaces into sparkling housing units in a very creative way.

Exhibition Oral archiving /03/2017

Design museum Gent, Gent

Archipel is dreaming for a while of oral archive in the form of interviews with architects. We found an ally in Studio Fragile, directed by Carl Bourgeois. Students armed with passion, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit went to work with camera and microphone.

Trip Ticino and Milan /05/2016

Ticino, Bergamo & Milano

We reach out to the beautiful region of Ticino, Bergamo, Milan … in search of forgotten pearls within the Italian modernism, and of surprising contemporary creations.

Lecture by Elli Mosayebi (CH)

Auditorium D, Gent

In the month of May Archipel goes to northern Italy, particularly Milan and Ticino. As part of this journey we invite Elli Mosayebi, a Swiss architect, who studied the work of the Italian modernist Dominioni in detail.

Film about the life and work of Philip Johnson

Boot 'Captal', Gent

Philip Johnson takes us on his 40-acre estate in New Canaan, Connecticut – his own laboratorium- and supplies the necessary witty and humorous commentary.

Lecture own work

The goal is for each job to achieve a smart project, both on urbanistic and architectural level, on functional and structural level, and this in the given timeframe and budget.

Lecture own work

Designcentrum Quattro Sisterco, Hoegaarden

They actually have nothing in common with each other, but both use the drawing as an engine of thier creative design process.

Lecture own work

De Zonnewijzer, Wevelgem

It may sound odd, but by any change you make the building more beautiful. You can see that when a plant. We ask first what they want with the building, and only when we understand that, we can shape it.

Lecture by Johan Thielemans

't Leerhuys, Brugge

Jahn has made its mark in the eighties in the city of Chicago. He has distanced himself from the lessons of Mies van der Rohe, the modernist who has influenced so many architects in Chicago.

Lecture by Pascal Cottenier

't Leerhuys, Brugge

Venturi, together with his wife and partner Denise Scott Brown, is considered one of the most influential architects of the 20th century. His work was very important for the development of postmodernism in the United States.