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Lecture own work

Budafabriek, Kortrijk

Aires Mateus brothers believe that an architectural project should express the determination of an idea, using limits and space to write history, looking at the future.

Lecture Works

Project Zebrastraat - expovleugel, Gent

Verstuyft however does not seem to explicitly deal with theoretical considerations. His work is design and high image value of its architecture is simply due to a perfect control.

Lecture own work

Katho Campus, Kortrijk

A walk through the work of Souto de Moura develops a kind of meditation and selfreflection on the profession, the métier, the discipline. An almost autistic quest for perfection.

Lecture own work

Crematorium de Heimolen, Sint-Niklaas

The cemetery Heimolen in Sint-Niklaas proves that neutrality may also be staggering. The two buildings – the reception building and crematorium, interconnected through the landscape – bear the stamp of the architectural language developed by the designers for nearly twenty years.

Lecture identity unfolded

De Centrale, Gent

Architecture by nature encapsulates space and directs every move. In their quest to smooth fluidity of space, the architects Ralf Coussée and Klaas Goris irons the folds in the urban territory with public intimacy.

Trip /10/2008

Köln & Krefeld

The fact that Peter Zumthor builded a few notable buildings in Cologne is widely known.
The Ludwig Mies van der Rohe villas from the 1930s in Krefeld are also marked as “must see” since the lectures of Dirk De Meyer.

Trip contemporary architecture /2008

Porto, Braga, Coimbra...

The metro in Porto, Casa da Musica, the football stadium in Braga, Alvaro Siza & Eduardo Souto de Moura, the Portuguese sun, Christina Branco Vinoverde or Vintage Port. Mansilla & Tuñón in Leon, Patxi Mangado in Santiago de Compostela, el camino peregrino, the Spanish sunshine, Ola, una Cava, un Cerveza, por favor.

Lecture Merging disciplines

VLM-zaal, Gent

While international trends with roots in the last century are aimed at optimal expression of the skin, Lens determines a different relationship to the surrounding reality.

Visit of the building site

The construction of the new palace of justice at the Rabot is in full swing. On the remaining area of the site a city park is constructed with community facilities. Transparency and openness are the key words for the new Justice building

Visit Introvert Materiality

l'Institut Supérieur d'Architecture La Cambre & Flagey, Brussel

(Non-Archipel lecture) For Peter Zumthor everything can be reduced to “staying”, whether it is a house, a museum or an exhibition facility. After his high-profile buildings like the Therme Vals (1996), Kunsthaus Bregenz (1997) Peter Zumthor presents new work.