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Lecture Presentation of young architectural firms

Dok Gent, Gent

A stage for young talent within the Festival of Architecture. Nine young agencies show their vision and ideas to a wide audience of architects in a dazzling way. The DOK location will close its doors the following week. A unique last chance.

Lecture Florian Busch (DE) about Tokyo and own work

Auditorium Quetelet, Gent

The work of the German architect Florian Busch is versatile, stimulating and surprising. As one of the few foreign architects who live and work in Japan (Tokyo), he succeeds in making his mark on the city.

Lecture Filipe Magalhães & Ana Luisa Soares

XXL van Kortrijk Xpo, Kortrijk

Fala Atelier is an enthusiastic young agency from Portugal that transforms small and non-obvious spaces into sparkling housing units in a very creative way.

Lecture Size doesn't matter

Kloosterkapel van de Zusters Paulinen, Kortrijk

The work of Studio Lens ° Ass architects testifies simultaneously a strong conceptual approach and a mastery of the chosen materials. The “everyday” is raised by an intensive interaction with matter, in detail, with spaciousness, where the boundaries are scanned clearly. It will be a lecture with great stories about small and intense projects.

Lecture Joachim Declerck (AWB) & office & TRANS lawyer Wim Rasschaert

Loods 019, Gent

In 2050 Flanders is estimated to have one million more people than today. That’s 7 million people who all want to live in an affordable and good way on the same limited space in Flanders. To realize this, it will require changes in how and where we live.


Design Museum Gent, Gent

Talking about the individual house in Japan is about addressing a topical theme in architecture and about targeting the look of urbanism and the society in general. In this exhibition the property exceeds the strict framework of the form of an answer to a particular program. Talking about the contemporary home in Japan, is primarily about showing the relationship to the living history and the interaction between them.

Lecture young architects

Auditorium Leon De Meyer van de Universiteit Gent – UFO, Gent

After the huge success of the first Pecha Kucha in September 2014 giving stage to 11 promising young offices who presented their work and ideas in a swirling way to 450 people attending this event in Gent, this initiative will be repeated in October 2015 with more Young!! talent.

Lecture En route

JOC Minus One Rabot, Gent

Balancing between the concern to create a warm environment and the quest for a fascinating interplay of lines and surfaces that maximize the minimum, Bruno Vanbesien realizes architectural gems with a subtle precision.

Debate Rot-Ellen-Berg by DVVT

Concertgebouw, Brugge

Slowness of the designs in the house Rotelenberg by De Vylder Vynck Taillieu architects. The building owners Ellen and Peter Meurez Bodyn give their story with quotes from their books and experiences throughout the entire process.