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For more than 35 years Archipel makes from expieriencing architecture its mission. Trips and visits are the best way to experience the beauty and ingenuity of an architectural achievement. Our tours offer architects and architecturelovers the ability to experience both icons and hidden treasures from 21st and 20th century in their contextual reality.

On architecture trip with Archipel

Archipel architecture tours gives the traveler access to a unique selection of notable buildings, innovative interior architecture, valuable landscape architecture or iconic ingeniously conceived urban planning. The focus of our trips is on modern and contemporary projects in a certain country, different time slots and styles are explored, but Archipel also organizes trips to certain regions, that are classic examples of a specific architectural period.

Archipel trips go beyond the visual perception. We allow our travelers to experience architecture in all its facets and aspects. We cycled through residential areas by Augus Perret, pulled the swimsuit in the swimming pool designed by Jean Nouvel, enjoyed a concert in the opera house designed by Alvar Aalto… We approach architecture sometimes from a distance and then with a magnifying glass. One minute we focus on the concept, then again on the materiality of the technique. This diversity makes Archipel travel fascinating and unique.

Travel with Archipel is bringing much more than a visit. Archipel is working on architectural experience. A core team of people, who of architecture not only made their profession but also made their hobby, develop and guides the tours. We search for, select and thourougly prepare to giver our passionate participants an unforgettable experience of architecture. We often visit buildings that are not accessible to the general public and arrange tours with designers or residents.

The expert interpretation of a designer, a discussion with your fellow traveler or a resident gives with spontaneous anecdotes a unique insight. This is reinforced by the Archipel travel guides that are carefully compiled for each trip. We give the tools with plans and detailed explanation to our participants to form their own opinion, to reflect or question. In lectures before and after the trip, we also try to give the main actors the stage.

Check out the programs of the last 5 trips:

Trip From brick expressionism to the intangibility of Ishigami /11/2020


A visit to Hamburg is a walk through the architectural history of the last 150 years. Here, few architecture that is older survived the storms; fire, epidemics, economic revolutions, war… Her population always scrambled back up, adapting the city to the new reality. Pulling down and building up, moving streets or if necessary entire neighbourhoods, cleaning up the debris, dreaming of a new city most beautiful.

Trip 1919–2019 /11/2019


This architectural journey immerses you in the history and the legacy of the Bauhaus. This training for visual artists, craftsmen and architects originated in Weimar in 1919, then moved to Dessau and was based in Berlin until 1932.

Trip An adventurous budget trip for architecture lovers /2019


Take this opportunity to get to know Japanese architecture, art and culture in a backpack-wise manner with other architecture enthusiasts. This original, chronological route starts in the ancient city of Kyoto, takes you along the artificial islands on the way to the metropolis of Tokyo.

Trip Along Walloon roads /05/2019

After the successful journeys ‘Wild West’ and ‘Far East’ in Flanders in May and November 2017, Archipel continues the quest for high-quality architecture in 2019 in the Walloon provinces of Belgium. Between the Hainaut remnants of mining waste hills and of waffling politics, we discover surprising projects in Mouscron, Tournai, Hornu, Mons and La Louvière.

Trip 日本 Japan /03/2018


We travel through the land of the rising sun for two weeks. A balanced architectural mix of contemporary, traditional and modern. But also culture, nature, art and … Japanese life is explicitly present.

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